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Hi guys!
I am italian and i am new in this forum for just 1 reason: i don't own...yet...a digital camera!


i am expecting the delivery of a new Fz20! So here i am!
I found this great offer on a german site and i want to tell to everyone because the price is very low!

On www.digitalo.de you can buy a Panny Fz20 (silver) for 321 euros! Just for comparison the second best offer i found is for 430 euros! :O
I think that the reason is the camera is silver-colored and in Germany they only buy black cam... ok black is better...but saving 109 euros is VERY better! :?

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That is really good offer. With that price tag the colour doesn´t matter. FZ20 is going off the market and good deals are possible to find.

I checked one site in Finland and the price for FZ20 was 572,90 € for silver and 575,90 € for black. For comparison FZ30 was 574,90 €. I cant figure out why FZ20 is so expensive there. I have seen some FZ20 offers for little under 500 euros.

So really good find!!!

I believe that you will be really satisfied for your purchase. - I have really liked my FZ20.
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Not to be too much the cynic, but it will be a much better price once you:

1.get delivery of the camera, and

2. Find that it shipped with all the standard pieces (like the battery and the lens hood and ...)

At least in the US of A, there are a lot of shady outfits that advertize really good prices, but either don't ship at all or charge you extra for what comes standard from the manufacturer if you buy from an authorized dealer.

I hope you get what you believe you have ordered, but I wouldn't trumpet a good place to buy until at least I'd received the goods. FWIW

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Old Apr 26, 2006, 9:49 AM   #4
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Ok ok you're right....
but before make my order i checked the site and write to the customer assistance to know their policy and i can say that they seem a reliable seller...
And they offer a 30-day period to try the camera and eventually send it back...so everything can happen but i am quite trusty!

I am expecting the camera in days...then i'll post in this forum my last impression on what i received.


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Ok...the camera arrived two days ago and everything is all right!
Everything from the box to the lens hood is brand new and all documentation is present, even the european warranty!
So now i can say that i found a very good site with great prices (www.digitalo.de) :-)

...and i can trumpet it!!!:blah:
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