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squirl033 May 30, 2007 10:02 PM

so, looks like i may be using the FZ a bit more, for a while at least... my 30D (with the 4-lb Sigma 80-400 attached) took a header when my tripod fell over yesterday. the camera landed flat on its back, broke the LCD and may or may not have sustained internal injuries. the lens is also on the casualty list - it was at full zoom when it fell, and it took the shock along its longitudinal axis. it appears to focus okay, but the zoom won't retract. again, internal injuries (such as damage to the stabilizer, AF mechanism, or lens alignment) are a distinct possibility... i took several test photos after the fall, and they seemed to come out okay, so hopefully the only damage is that which i can see. but both will need togoin for repairs, which means the FZ will have to step up and fill the gap, at least till i get the "A team" back. i just hope the repairs don't take too long... i'm planning a trip to photograph the central Oregon coast in early July, and while the FZ is a stellar performer for sunsets and such, it's notup to the 30D's level for other landscape shots, so i really hope i get the Canon back in time!

suitcase May 31, 2007 5:17 AM

Outch.. Sorry to here that.. Good u still have that pana available :cool:

annie57 May 31, 2007 6:00 AM

sorry to hear that!!! Knowing your devotion to photography and your wonderful shots, it is a real loss to you...sure hope the repairs won't be too long....

Tazzie Jun 6, 2007 9:34 AM

What actually caused the accident, Rocky?

genece Jun 6, 2007 2:38 PM

Sorry about that.......kind of makes a point for a good tripod doesn't it?

trooplewis Jun 6, 2007 4:09 PM

Ouch! That had to be very painful to experience, I feel for you and your wallet.

Tullio Jun 6, 2007 4:55 PM

Hi Rocky, horrible news:sad: but ooking at the glass as being half full,your camera could have landed on its lens instead...I'm sure the damages would have been a lot more significant. If the Canon service departmentoperates like the Nikon, I would not count on having ythe camera back in less than 3-4 weeks, at least. I guess it all depends on the severity of the internal damages.Hopefully they won't have to replace very many parts (specially the sensor). Now,you will feel the pain in your pocket, that's for sure!Cheers.

Tullio Jun 6, 2007 4:56 PM

Ooops, sent twice!

squirl033 Jun 10, 2007 5:55 PM

well, i heard back from the folks at Sigma... it'll cost me a total of $590 to get my lens repaired and shipped back to me. ouch! still, that's cheaper than buying a new one (and that assumes icould FIND a new one... those lenses are scarce as hen's teeth!). sounds like i'll probably have it back by the end of the month.

haven't heard from the folks at Canon yet. hopefully i'll get some word tomorrow. depending on what they tell me, i may or may not have to plan on either renting one, or simply buying a new one, for my trip. if the repair cost is much over about $750, i'll just get a new camera. i can geta new 30Dfor just over $1000 these days, and that would give me a fresh factory warranty and a shutter with zero actuations... anyway, i'm hoping i can get mine repaired and returned by the end of the monthfor less than $500....

Tazzie, not sure what caused the crash. i had the camera mounted on the tripod, and i stepped away for a moment to look at something a friend was showing me. next thing i heard was a crash. my tripod is very sturdy when fully spread out, but it's one of those that doesn't have the little center braces, so the legs don't spread evenly. i had it on a wood plank boardwalk, and i may have positioned one of the legs too far to one side. i know i didn't have the legs spread all the way, because that would almost have blocked the boardwalk. the boardwalk isn't particularly shaky, but it does move a bit when people walk on it...

Tullio, the sensor was okay, i think. i took several shots with it after it fell, and when i looked at them at home, i couldn't see any sign of damage to the sensor, or the glass in the lens. i think all the camera will need is a new LCD and back plate. all the controls functioned normally, and the AF still worked, even though the lens was mechanically damaged.

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