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My FZ20 switched itself on one day for no apparent reason(the switch was off). I now have to remove the battery so it doesn't do it in it's bag. I live in Taiwan and the weather is very humid so i put two new bags of desiccant in it's "Dry pak box" and waited a week with no results.

Now, if i put the battery back in, it works fine but for a few minutes only. It then starts switching itself on and off a few times (if i try to switch it off)and then it stays on and i can't switch it off at all!!! It's only a couple months old and i always take good care of it. Never banged or dropped. Never got wet, never left under the sun etc... I always keep it in a dry box too.

I was wondering if that problem happened to someone else.

It used to be a pretty good camera. Have a look at a few of my photos here :

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First of all let me say that when I stumble in a photo gallery where I am nearly forced to visualize all the pics, there must be a good photographer there.
Your FZ20 (but also the few Kodak and Finepix310) shots are outstanding, not only the portraits ones. I don't know if it's the camera model (no exif in the jpgs) or your editing but also the colors seems less subject to casts than most of the FZs.
And your Photoshop skill does not seem as good as your photographic skill judging from a couple of PP in two of your photos. So what's your secret for those colors?

Now about your problem, I know it must be a pang to deprive yourself of the camera for a month (?) and pack it up for mailing, but the problem is really serious and it could get worse.

I have had nothing similar with my FZ20 (but a black one) and never heard of that, although the sudden switching off of the camera has occurred to some users.
They used to remove the battery and retake it in...
But the fact that yours also switches on is really something you cannot deal with.
So use the warrancy, it's only 2 months old and they ll repair or change it...
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