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gellis1 Jul 17, 2005 8:03 PM

Just took a bunch of pics.They were taken inside daytime with plenty of natural light.Half of them are out of focus.The camera locked in and showed that it was in focus.I used P program and had the AF Mode set on 3-area focusing and Multiple metering mode.So does anybody know why?Also,what is a good setting for the Pic. Adj.?

Gospel Jul 17, 2005 8:46 PM

Was the subject less than 2m away and you used 3x or more zoom? I've made this mistake more than once. If you use 3x zoom or over the minimum focus becomes 2m.

Hope this helps,

genece Jul 17, 2005 9:25 PM

It would help if you were to post a picture with the exif included.

If you were not too close then most likely the shutter speed was too slow to handhold.

If you look at your exif and the shutter speed is near 1/15 of a second that is very hard to handhold especially with much zoom.

That can be a result of too small an aperture or locking the ISO on 80.

Also I would use Spot focus to make sure your focused on the subject and I like spot meter also but maybe center weighted would be good for you to try.

with 3 pt auto focus its much too easy for the camera to focus on the couch when you want it to focus on a chair.

I really like saturation and NR set on low but that is also just my preference.

gellis1 Jul 17, 2005 10:23 PM

Thanks for your help I will try those settings and see what happens.I am pretty sure it's due to slow shutter speed.Shots outside are sharp and in focus.The thing that bugs me is,it was a bright sunny day and the inside of the house was well lit and with a 2.8 lens you would think there would be enough light to allow a decent shutter speed.What size is good for downloading attachments.

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