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Default FZ200 sports mode

I have a few questions I'm hoping Panny users can help out with. While I've done a lot of sports shooting, it is all with DSLRs. My father wanted a non-ILC solution for taking pictures at various niece and nephew sporting events - events I can't necessarily attend due to distance. One such event is this Friday - a gymnastics event.

My father, bless his soul, is technology challenged. He also doesn't have any background in photography. He really does want a point-and-shoot solution. So, the natural option is to start in the Sports scene mode. The question becomes: how does the mode behave on this specific camera?

For example, what ISO will it use? Will it enable all the way up to 6400 or 12800? - does another setting, perhaps around auto-ISO affect the behavior or is it all controlled by the scene mode itself?

What about burst rate? Which burst rate does the sports scene mode use?

What about other parameters? Does that scene mode lock in continuous focus? Does it choose a specific metering mode?

In other words - how "point and shoot" is the sports scene mode? What other independent parameters would need to be set in addition to just setting the scene mode?

I won't have time to get a hold of the camera from him to figure this out before he wants to use it.

Please note: my normal preference is to set everything up manually on any camera - manual exposure, no auto ISO, set specific burst mode, specific focus point/area etc, etc. He's not going to be savvy enough to do that and more importantly diagnose a problem if something was set up incorrectly.

So, if you could help me help him I would greatly appreciate it.


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G'day John

Maybe not a fully helpful answer ...
On our FZ100, Sports mode seems locked into iso-100 - dunno know why
The only user adjustment available seems to be the adjuster-wheel for selecting fast or slow movement ie:-

Another option might be "SCN" > "Hi-sensitivity mode" where the camera auto presets to ISO-3200 and does its best in an Auto mode of operation

It may end up as a phone call for him to do some minor camera-settings tweaking before the event

While not what you wanted, it maybe the start of things
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Whilst I don't have the FZ200- (I have the 150), my guess is the sports scene mode will be primarily auto everything.
On inspection of my 150, the sports scene mode has 3 variants- normal,outdoor and indoor though there seems to be little difference with any of them indoors- except the white balance on the indoor mode seems more favourable with indoor lighting.
The focus seems to be centre area- but you can adjust to a larger area if you so wish- though sadly this resorts to the normal size once switched off.
Metering is unclear- though seems to be "multi".
The burst speed is off by default, but you can switch to any of the burst speeds via the usual method- including the ones with continuous AF on each frame (2 and 5.5)- and also including the lower resolution very high speed modes.

It might be an idea for your father to focus on poses "mid routine" or post vault etc- in other words,situations which are less challenging to begin with...

Perhaps an FZZ200 user can come in here to confirm or alert you to any differences between the 150/200....

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I had one outing with the FZ200 to my nieces soccer game. I didn't even notice the sports mode. I think I just kept in on A mode .
For the cost of the camera and the zoom range offered I don't think you can find a better camera.
I agree with Simon about the auto everything. I couldn't imagine there not being a burst and tracking within the sports setting.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help. But I'm sure that camera will be just fine for him.
Canon S95
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thanks Guys.
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I shoot the FZ 150 and all other cameras in shutter priority for sports to prevent blur. In some venues there is a delicate balance between shutter speed and ISO. I have a sweet spot for where I shoot.
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