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Default FZ28 case

Hello, I am looking for a case for my FZ28. Don't really care for the one it came with. What are you using???? Thank you, Kay Capps
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I got an el-cheapo fanny pack from walmart that works great.
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Hello again, KayC!

I do not reallky know, HOW you use your FZ-28 on a daily basis, but I think I might just be able to help you with the "perfect" case for the FZ-28. I had bought 2 different, square-box-like carrying-cases but was never satisfied with its feel on my hip. They both felt like something strange dangling and jumping around when hiking cross-country.

Finally I came across http://www.tamrac.com/welcome.htm the TAMRAC Velocity-series. Its called a "sling-pack". I chose the Model 5766 Velocity 6X for my FZ-28 and its a perfect fit!

Even with the protruding and sometimes annoying lens-shade on, I can still put my camera into the bag (face-down)...

...and the camera sits well protected in there (its quite deep) and at the same time its instantly ready to shoot.

I carry it on my back as a backpack as the sling-strap is well padded and very comfortable. By shortening the shoulder-strap (quick-shorten) the pack clings thightly to your back, and thereby not jumping around like my other cases did, when moving, even running!

When I need the camera, I un-shorten the strap (quick-release) slide the pack around to the front with one hand, open the zipper and out comes the camera, ready to shoot.
The lid opens away from you. The front pocket is just big enough to house the spare-battery and some memory cards, pluss your cell-phone.

Good luck!

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Walter's suggestion looks like a great one. I have an alternate suggestion that works for me, because I'm cheap (already paid MSRP for the FZ28!), plus I get a discount through work. I also don't carry this bag when I go hiking - camera goes in my backpack's mesh outside pocket - so long term comfort isn't an issue for me. The bag I use is the Lowepro EX120. I had this for my previous camera and liked it so much, that I got another one for my FZ28. It has two mesh pockets on the sides that are great for cleaning cloths and solutions, a large zipper pouch in front for batteries/SD card/cables, and even a small zippered compartment in the top flap, also big enough for card/batteries. This bag is also deep enough to put the camera in, face down, with the lens hood attached, though it doesn't have quite as much protection as the Tamrac. Here it is:


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The perfect case for me is the LowePro Trax TCB50.

I got it brand new for an amazingly low $6.99 at Ross. I dunno if there's a Ross in your neck of the woods, but they may still sell this one, as it wasn't long ago that I bought mine.
I've also seen this case new online for as low as $10.50.
Don't be fooled by the price. This is a quality LowePro case, with full shock/impact foam lining.

I took lots of measurements of the camera and all its accessories beforehand so I'd know the right case when I came across it. All the other cases I looked at, and there were many, couldn't hold all the stuff that came with the FZ28 while also affording easy retrieval of the camera (and accessories).
That big lens hood SEPARATED proved a major problem for other cases to accomodate. The cases that would accomodate this arrangement were far too large, made for an SLR with several lenses, etc. Some people leave the hood on. I don't, so this was a definite issue for me. If you don't leave the hood on, you can of course keep some kind of protection between the Z28 and the hood when you insert the camera, but if you don't keep that hood in a separate compartment you'll be forever worrying about scratching the camera housing (and/or lens cap), and perhaps cracking the hood if you happen to drop the camera in a vertical case or get in a hurry replacing the camera into the case.
Something to think about...

This case has an inner main compartment with a velcro-adjustable divider which has ideal dimensions for my Z28 and lens hood, separately. There's also room to slip in a teleconverter with the lens hood, should I invest in one some day.
The outer pockets are just right for storing accessories such as the charger and an extra battery or two -- I keep filters in the second outside pocket. The large front pocket will hold a mini tripod or slave flash unit -- right now, all I have in mine is a LensPen with its card. If I don't get a slave flash soon, I'll probably put the Z28's cables in there.
I keep my SDHC card case and a microfiber cleaning cloth in the mesh pocket in the case roof.

The TCB50 is one of the supposedly water-resistant types, where the hood closes down over all but the outer pockets and holds with a plastic "quick-release" latch. I have yet to test its water resistance, however.
It has eyes for an included shoulder strap and a padded handle on top.

The only "problem" with this case is that the FZ28 paper manual won't fit in the front pocket w/o folding, so I simply lay mine on top of the camera/hood compartment (it does fit that area perfectly w/o any folding).

If you want soft lining (like fleece), look elsewhere, this case doesn't have it. Of course, fleece is only about $4/yd. so one could easily spray some 3M adhesive on the material and add it if s/he is so inclined. This case has a gray nylon interior -- I haven't noticed any abrasions on my Z after many insertion/removal cycles.

There isn't much info online about this case, but I found this (text is down the page a bit):


Couldn't find any interior views online, but I can post some pics if you like...

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I like the Case Logic TCB-4. It fits the FZ28 with or w/o the adapter tube. It has two side pockets (I usually carry a couple of filters in them), a zippered front pocket (where you can fit the battery charger, a couple of spare battery packs and the USB cable so you can upload images to your laptop while on vacation if running out of memory) and a zippered compartment inside the cover (where I keep a lens cleaning cloth and extra memory cards). I've used this bag with my old Sony H1, Canon S2, the FZ18 and now the FZ28. Another good one (similar to this) is the Tamrac 5693 (http://www.amazon.com/Tamrac-5693-Di...9757330&sr=8-2).

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I use a Lowepro Topload Zoom Mini, which takes the FZ28 camera with the hood in place. Or, I can invert the hood, place it at the bottom of the case and the camera fits in with room to spare. There are two pockets to hold extra batteries, SD cards, Filters, etc. Lowepro has other top loading cases. I prefer this style for quick access. Check them out.

Mike G.
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