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Hank355 Sep 8, 2008 5:21 PM

Howdy fellas! Long time! I have been busy on business ventures, but happy to be back.

But I have a question. I looked at the FZ28, looks great, but I see Fuji is making a camera and they are boasting up to 6400 ISO ( I think it is called the 8100). My question is, has anyone looked into the Fujis, and are the stats better? I have an FZ50 right now, along with my Canon EOS 40D (and a 20D-still love that cam!). So, for me, I rarely use the panasonic, cause I don't like flash, and with the Canons I can shoot at 3200 (ISO) and it's a little noisy but looks ok,and in some instances adds to the mood of the photo. The one thing I don't like is that the FZ28 and all of the similar cameras out there don't have a swivel LCD, why? I loved that about the FZ50/30. Is there a cam with similar specs to the FZ28 with a swivel screen?

Hank355 Sep 8, 2008 10:31 PM

It seems to me like they will be coming out with a bigger, more feature packed camera like the FZ50, a successor to the FZ50, has anyone heard about that?

genece Sep 9, 2008 9:57 AM

The pixel density of that fuji is about the same as the FZ28 so the only way to avoid noise is to use NR....which many folks have no problem with, (in fact they seem to prefer that) but I find NR, to the level they are now at,totally unacceptable.....

I have the impression that Panasonic believes the FZ28 is so terrific......that is where the future of the FZ cameras lie......I hope I am wrong but I am afraid I am not......we will soon see, as it seems they have stopped producing the FZ50. (again that is only a guess butthe FZ50 ishard to find anymore.)

Hank355 Sep 9, 2008 8:51 PM

Ahhhhh! I'm with you! It is totally unacceptable. I wish I could lend everyone in this forum my 20D (for those who have never used one). Shooting that camera at ISO 800 is sharper than shooting the FZ series (FZ20, 30, and 50 are the only ones I have) at about 200. I believe the Canon is sharper at ISO800 than the FZs are @ 200. Plus the Canon's look great at 1600 and more than acceptable at ISO 3200. You can't say the same for the FZ50 at 1600. And I understand there is a big difference, in price and sensor, but my next qualm is that the sensor of the FZ28 is slightly smaller than the FZ50. Why? Why can't they just make the sensor larger? I am sure by a show of hands in this group, all of us would "settle" for a slightly larger camera if we get a nice sized chip. Honestly, the only reason why I have the Canon is b/c I need it for lower light situations. If Panasonic would just get on the ball I would get rid of my Canons and purchase a few of their new cameras, if they existed, that is.......

Narmer Sep 16, 2008 8:05 AM

Hi Hank.

I Have had a FZ20 for the last 3 years and a half, recently broken (cf the other post).

I have recently tried my Raynox DCR250 on a FZ50: how easier is to make GOOD (in my standards, which are not average) fly portraits (extreme macros with flash) than with dSLR.

Now I don't need anymore FZ50's ext. flash and F11 and its size: will take a confortable FZ28, for I too have a 40D for more serious things.

IMO 40D @ ISO 800 equals and surpasses, in final detail, FZ20 (5 MP) iso 80.
Noise is similar, maybe a little more in 40D but with less NR and Sharpening in cam.
However FZ20 LEICA lens, is way sharper (and with far less CA) than all kit EF-S lenses and only 700-800 Euros or more expensive lenses (with less zoom length than FZ's one) can reach its quality.

FZ50 is similar in size to entry level dSLR, but always more confortable (you don't need other lenses): however, in the field of compact cams, with that sensors size, I fear that the limit has been reached with 7-8 Mp.
More MP means more noise or (even worse) more / too aggressive Noise reduction, which turns pics into watercolors even at lower isos...

My 40D (10 Mp) ISO 3200 is way more useable than any 5-10 MP Lumix ISO 400 !!!

But, in these weeks I m without my FZ20, I often miss its powerful stabilized zoom !!!

mtclimber Sep 18, 2008 11:46 AM

Hank and Narmer-

Yes, I agree, a good DSLR like the Canon 20D, 30D, or 40D will always produce better IQ and higher usable ISO speeds at the price of carrying a bigger kit, with multiple lenses.

However, the convenience (in terms of size and bulk of kit) of the Panasonic FZ-series (excepting the FZ-50)in terms of size and weight make a powerful argument in their favor. I do believe that we are going to see Panasonic making the FZ-28 at its brethern the leadership core of the FZ-series. I do not believe that there will be a FZ-50 replacement camera.

So, I have decided that I will buy the FZ-28 and learn to live with it, creating as many work arounds as possible to maintain good IQ. Yes, I would like replacement to my FZ-50, but I just don't think that it is going to happen.

Sarah Joyce

denncald Sep 18, 2008 10:56 PM

I wonder whether the new Panasonic G1 is the replacement for the FZ50? They may have decided to just cross the line into a small DSLR, rather than try to "improve" the FZ50?


mtclimber Sep 19, 2008 12:55 PM

Dennis -

Your point is well made. While the Panasonic FZ-50 is a great camera, it has become outdated, unfortunately. The G-1 could be intended as the FZ-50 replacement. However, the lenses offered are not very bright. Hopefully that will change.

The FZ line will continue with further FZ-28 variants.

Sarah Joyce

Hank355 Sep 20, 2008 7:31 PM

I believe that they will make a successor to the FZ50. I have the FZ28. I love it. I'm about to give it a glorious review. But it is what it is. It's compact, and it's diminished price makes it an economy camera in the market. On the flip side, is that I am so impressed with the camera, even at ISO 1600, in low light, it did a better job focusing and "getting the picture" than my 40D. I couldn't believe it. I will be posting results, I am sort of on vacation, and I am already working more than I am vacationing, but I do love this stuff!

Here's what I think. Like the FZ50, Panasonic will come out with its successor, and it will have a jack for the remote. I think a remote is a necessary feature for these new lines of cameras that have HD capabilities. Also, a hot shoe, not only for a flash, but for a mic. Being that the video that the FZ28 shoots is short of phenomenal. The audio is terrible. Panasonic has to know this. What would be perfect is a mic that just slides right into the hotshoe, no wires or attachments. Canon and Sony camcorders already use this technology. I really think that Panasonic will be coming out with this consumer hibrid. And I am hoping for an external zoom control for doing video. Most camcorders have them. Also, I don't like the fact that you can only record 8min of HD video (on the FZ28). You can then re-start the recording to record 8minutes more, but why? There are modes on the FZ28, the lower quality video modes that let you record more time.

I can't see panasonic fumbling and dropping the ball, and just leaving us with the FZ28 and/or the G1 which is a pro unit. But if they fumble, someone will pick up the ball, b/c they are so close to really coming up with the ultimate camera, and I think that different people have different requirements, but eventually, one cam will have it all, and you will just pick n choose on which things you will use, and which you will ignore, or just play around with for fun. And eventually, all of this will be built into your cell phone/mp3 player/gps/ all in one James Bond like techhie unit. I'd say this "thing" will exist within the next 10 years, until then, I really hope Panasonic comes out with the FZ-70!

mtclimber Sep 20, 2008 8:07 PM


You have certainly made some excellent points. However, it is my belief that the FZ-28 (whose IQ almost mirrors the FZ-50) will be the variant camera for the FZ-series cameras.

The Panasonic G-1 will be the new great all star camera that will catapult Panasonic into the real DSLR/ or the DSLR replacement camera fray, big time. Panasonic has alway wanted to compete head on with Nikon and Canon, so I think that the Panasonic G-1 will be the camera that allows them to do just that.

Both Canon and Nikon have either shied away from a real CMOS imager equipped cameraworld-wide, or failed to develop a micro 4/3rds alternative camera. That will allow Panasonic to have a rather good "head start" in the micro 4/3rds market. And yes, I agree that the FZ-28 is a great camera, but it stands aside of this huge 4/3rds competition.

Sarah Joyce

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