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Hello everybody. Well, I was very confused about which camera to buy for a long time, but have finally settled on the FZ30 as a nice camera which offers me plenty of options and which I will be able to grow into once my skills improve. Just have a quic question about the color balance, particularly the red balance on the FZ30. I took some test shots in a store the other day and found that compared to the new Canon S3, the red on the FZ30 looked a bit more orange to me. I was unable to take some test shots home unfortunately, but I was wondering if any of you have had experienced this issue.
I've been looking at all the shots using the FZ30 on these forums, but have not found this issue to be a problem here. Do you use post processing to correct the red balance in your FZ30? Is this an issue only on the viewfinder/EVF on this model?
Thanks for your input.
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You can not tell any thing by the LCD....Put them on a computer and see what you think then......But there are a few here that think the FZ30 is shifted to blue.....I am not among them but its a matter of taste. I think.

I have always thought that canon photos are shifted to warm so if you want that duplicated its possible to set that in the camera.

In short, there are many in camera setting to give you what you desire.
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sounds likea differene in white balance

im not sure wat sort of lighting was used in the store you were shooting in but sounds like there may have beena difference in whte balance settings. i have not encountered this isssue with my fz30. either through lcd, evf or on computer


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Well, I finally had a chance to go to the store again and take some shots with my own memory card. You're right, at home the red didn't look so "orange" anymore. I guess it's just the LCD. Also, I tried different white balance settings this time. The default "Auto" was pretty good, but due to the difficult lighting in the store, I guess the colors looked a bit different on the LCD.

Anyway, I made up my mind to ge the FZ30 next week probably. I just saw a nice little price drop here. One store had it for about 61800yen, which is roughly equivalent to about $600. It's Japan, so it's not gonna get much cheaper than that. So I hope next week, I can finally be the proud owner of a FZ30 as well.

I can't wait.

Thanks for your help again.
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