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Check out this extensive comparison between the FZ30 and Fuji S9000(you have to just look at the many crops if you don't know Russian).


Veryinterestingto see how wellthe FZ30 stands up regarding (the famous) noise levels in 'normal' shutter speeds, particularly in RAW format, see page 03. The JPEG processing in the FZ30 seems poor, especially the handling of blue colors...

Also interesting (and nice if you own a FZ30) to see how well the OIS system does compare to the antiblur (raising ISO) system of the S9000, see page 05.


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Thanks for the link - very interesting as the comparison clearly shows that in RAW there is hardly any differenece between the FZ30 & S9000 upto ISO400 in regards to noise. The higher ISO shots (ISO 1600) with the Fuji look appauling and I doubt any amount of NR software would be able to help but if your just goging for 4x5 prints they could be usuable. I wonder if the S9000 is using the same ccd as in the F10 because the noise is just so much worse than I thought it would be?

I wonder what they used to work with the RAW files - hope they used ACR and not the crap pana are shipping with the cam.




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Seems like they were showing a lot of purple fringing which I've never experienced with my FZ30! There's no question that the FZ30 has a better picture than the s9000, in my opinion!
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Yes, I can pick up that they've used Photoshop and ACR 3.2 to handle the RAW files. (That's the only good RAW format handler that can process FZ30 files that I know, I would like to use the free Rawshooter but it doesn't take FZ30 files yet...).

The CCD in the s9000 is a new one, not the same as in F10. I think theFuji trick to get low JPG noise is to do more processing from the sensor pickup untilthe pixels are 'let out'. I've read that they're actually interpolating the 9MP to about 18MP, then those are processed back to 9MP again. If you let the pixels straight out from the FZ30 into a RAW file for a good photo system to handle it, you can reach about the same noise levels up to ISO400. The backdraw of the Fuji waycompared to FZ30 is that the processing takes time. The S9000 is much slower in burst/continuous mode and some people complain that the cameralocks up (I think the screen gets black) for about a second after each shot.


I was also surprised to see the purple fringing on the first page but they've really picked the most sensitive high contrast areas. Without being a lens expert, I think it's on a normal level (even pro-lenses as I'm told will have some PF effect),it could be reduced byexposingit differently (less light).


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