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dlw Sep 3, 2006 10:56 AM

I'm a little confused by the Panasonic manual's instructions for using the exposure lock button. Could someone please give me a quick step by step in layman's terms? I'm having a terrible time with washed out skys Thanks!

Rriley Sep 3, 2006 11:34 AM

better mention what version Panasonic you have I guess

genece Sep 3, 2006 12:30 PM

I do suppose the model would help .....but I can share my opinion with the FZ30.

I do not think the exposure lock works very well if you are using matrix metering....but if you are using spot or center metering.....first find a spot on the scene to meter on ,that gives the type of exposure you are looking for (keep in mind, pretty much what you see in the EVF is what you get) may need to snap a photo tosee if the sky is not blown. Leave the highlight feature turned on.

Then when metering on the area you chose push the exposure frame the photo as you wish and snap the photo.

Not to confuse things even more but its also possible to pick the area to focus on before framing.

Keep in mind most of the time you will be underexposing some part of the photo ...but that is much easier to fix.

tcook Sep 3, 2006 1:02 PM

The way I do it to get the exposure I want when shooting a sunset is --- set the camera on manual exposure --- use the focus assist to focus the camera on the spot I want ---- then meter the light from different points, using the half shutter press, until I get want I want --- then holding the shutter button down return to my focus point and snap the shot. I have used this same method for shooting panoramas although if I would read instructions exposure lock might be an easier way in this case.

dlw Sep 3, 2006 1:12 PM

Oops! FZ30 is what I'm using. Am I correct that to use exposure lock

Aim at the area you want exposure to lock to
push the shutter button halfway
press the exposure lock button
Once this is done, do you let the shutter button up, reframe the shot and push the shutter button halfway to focus and shoot? In other words, once you lock the exposure, does it stay the same until you again push the exposure lock button?

Am I grasping the process properly?

genece Sep 3, 2006 3:15 PM

I have been wrong a lot lately but it has nothing to do with the shutter button.....move the camera around the area you wish to photograph until you see the exposure you want, then push the AE lock button.

Now reframe the photo and 1/2 press the shutter to focus and take the photo.

And that exposure is locked untill you hit the AE lock button again or turn the camera off.

Also you can use the program shiftwheel and then lock the exposure, I am a P&S'er so I do the moving the camera.

But if you use matrix metering I am not sure my system works. I think you will need to do the program shift option.

dlw Sep 3, 2006 10:34 PM

Genece, thanks for the help. I went out this afternoon and followed your instructions and finally got the drift. The camera's owners manual manages to "uncondense" the simple steps into about a dozen totally confusing procedures. Thanks to all that replied, all were very helpful!

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