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le_undertaker Nov 11, 2005 5:59 AM


I just got my FZ30 & tried to take a few shots. Everytime I focus on a subject the jitter alert comes on & then when I take the pix it is out of focus. At first I thought it was because I had drunk too much coffee but then I laid it on a table & the jitter alert still came on. I've checked all the settings...but nothing seems wrong.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


genece Nov 11, 2005 8:19 AM

The jitter alert is just that an alert telling you that the shutterspeed is very slow and it will be very difficult to handhold the shot..

Now the shots will be blurry if you could not hold the camera still or if the subject moved.

Use mode 2 on the Image stabilizer and if the light is very low you need to use the flash.

And one other way to get a faster shutterspeeed is to raise the ISO (sensitivity).

My suggestion get use to taking photos outdoors until you get a feeling for the camera.

I would suggest these settings until you get a little more familiar with the camera.

Set the camera on P mode

use 1 area fast focus

use center metering

Turn off contiuous auto focus

and set the ISO on auto

Now go outside and take some great photos in the daylight, and once you are getting nice photos that way you will most likely understand more about the camera and can set the settings to your liking.

But remember the jitter alert is just telling you that you really do not have enough light and you need to try extra hard to hold the camera steady.

One other thing use very little, if any zoom indoors at least until you become more familiar with the camera.

You can take photos indoors under normal lighting its just a little more difficult.

genece Nov 11, 2005 10:27 AM

After I posted the above reply I saw your post on dpreview where you say those conditions were outdoors under cloudy conditions and the shutterspeed was over 1 second.

Now there is something very wrong for that to be the case.

Maybe if you are using a filter.. its the wrong type. Remove it and see.

Or maybe you had the aperture set to a very small opening ( a large number, F8 or more)

Or maybe your camera is defective need some more information and tests.

I have some photos here taken with a FZ30 under pretty dreary conditions and the shutter speed is still 1/40 of a second or so.

Believe me you can not handhold a shot at over a 1 second exposure but even a photo indoors shouldhave a much faster shutterspeeed than 1 second.

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