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My name is George. I'm a really new member around here.... so please have mercy

So... I would like to know first what's the difference between FZ30 and FZ30S.

Then I have to chose between one of these and the Canon S3 IS and Pan F27 if someone can tell me wich is the best.

(Ooo! ... I think I have to mention that I want to take very good portrait pictures (I want to modify them to look better) and also flowers and landscapes)

I'm gonna stop and bother you all later. Now I'm only a biginner. :P

Thank you for your time.
Your sincerely,
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Welcome George,

You will find that in the Panasonic FZ line they end with a "k" for black color or an "s" for silver color. That is the only difference. Some vendors drop the "k" from the black unit.

The FZ30 the Canon S3 IS and the FZ7 are all excellent cameras that can take very good pictures. With the proper lighting you would have no issues doing portraits, flowers and landscapes with them. The FZ30 has a flash hot shoe on it but the FZ7 does not. So if you want to do a lot with flash units the FZ30 would be a better choice then the FZ7. Take a look at the reviews for all three and see if one appeals to you more then the others.

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Hello George and welcome to the forum,:-)

I went back and forth on the FZ30 and the Cannon S2IS (predecessor of the S3IS) myself. Both of these cameras are excellent as bmccoy said. I don't know anything about the FZ7. I had similar goals in mind for my photography including nature photography and stage performance photography. The zoom is super with the FZ30 and Cannon and both have great megapixals, FZ30 having 8 and Cannon 6.

But what steered me to the Panasonic FZ30 were the following:

8 megapixalsfor possible cropping comes in handy for me.

The manual focus ring on the FZ30 asopposed to manual focus buttons, for me, is easier.

Also, the manual zoom is wonderfully fast. Not only does the manual zoom ring allow slightlyfaster startup time when turning on your camera, but, you can zoom quick or slow depending on the situation withoutwaiting for the electronics of the camera to zoom in on the subject. An added bonus is, that being manual, it saves on battery life. :-)

Thehot shoe (like bmccoy stated), gives the option to add a more powerful flash unit if needed.

I agree that looking at the reviews for each cameraand possibly looking at photographic samples of each will help quite alot. It might help also to keep in mind that you willwant to be able to expand the capabilities of your camera such as: adding a flash unit or adding lenses for further zoom capabilities, macro work or even wide angle work. A camera that can support these additions is worth looking into. Although the FZ30 has the ability to support all of the above,these were just deciding factors for me and my personal needs.

I hope you can find the right camera for you and I hope you have fun looking. :-)

Good luckGeorge.I hope we hear from you again. Thank you for posting.:-D


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grey is more usefull for a camera left in sunlight say in a car or on a tripod, because it wont heat it up so much, black adds lots of heat to a camera, I just forget the index but in my mind it doubles the temperature.
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