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I am looking to upgrade my standard p&s to a camera that will give me a lot more flexibility aswell as expandability for the future as I would like to look into photography in more detail. I looked at the standard H5, S3 FZ7 etc but a while back I was in Jessops and the guy showed me an FZ30 and I just loved the feel of it!!

Now the FZ50 has come out and I wanted peoples input as to if I should just go straight to the 50 or buy a 30 as my local Jessops has one on sale for £299!!

The only other camera I was thinking about was the Sony R1 as I heard they were available for £399 but I cannot find them at that price and I was not sure if I wanted to sacrifice the zoom range of the Panny!!

I have been reading up here for a while and am really impressed with everyones pics and just so you have some background on what I would use it for, it would be mainly for holidays/days out/family gatherings/in the gardenetc but as I said before, I would love to expand my knowledge of photography more.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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If you plan buying an expensiveprosumer cam,i think you should carefully consider what subjects / scene's you are going to shoot, and what camera-features these situations require. Also, thinka few years into the future. If the difference in features is presumed not to be a 'problem' than go for the -30 and save that cash. But if you expect to grow in photography, and you might going to need those features later, you won't be able to include them in the fz30 by that time!

Good luck deciding!

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between the 30 and the 50
i would take the 30 anyday

if only
pana offered the fz30 or the fz7 sensor and venus 3 engine with the fz50 chassis
they would make a lot more sales im sure

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one thing to remember with jessops is that you can bargin with them and get them to try to match online prices. They have a minimum selling price, so just try to beat them down.
Also dont get memory cards from them - a rip off - i find www.mymemory.co.uk very good, the own brand sd cards are fine and x133 ones are plenty fast enough for my fz30 in burst mode
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