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It's been a while since I posted here, glad to see the usual suspects are still around. Went on an "adventure weekend" with some friends here in Japan recently, which involved various outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rafting, paragliding...and for the brave souls, bungee jumping. It was a beautiful day, and the FZ30 pulled through, as I expected it would:-)

The view from the bridge we jumped off...

My friend's thumbs up before the jump

No turning back now...

Looking up...

The company running the whole deal also had a professional photographer on hand....who you could hire for a little extra to record your jump. Since no one in my group knows the FZ30 as well I do, I decided to shell out a little more dough.

Photographer with a Canon 40D and a nice 200mm lens. I liked the bokeh i managed to get in this shot with the FZ30.

Hanging on for dear life before jumping off a perfectly good bridge.

Leap of faith...

Rather disorientating being upside down...

...but still having fun...

A little bit of mugging for the camera...

Someone down there?

Ah, there you are:-)

You can see the whole sequence of shots here:


Yeah, ok so the last series of shots were not taken by the FZ30 but I figured some of you DSLR owners would appreciate them. Obviously the FZ30 is not as fast as the 40D but I think in terms of picture quality, it held it's own on this particular day. Thanks for looking!

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Great action photography.. Keep Sharing

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Old Jul 2, 2008, 6:28 AM   #3
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A great seies of pictures!

I am sure you must double knot your shoe laces prior to a jump.:-)

Have you tried video footage during a jump?

A helmet mounted FZ30 in video for a birds eye or swan dive view would be interesting :idea:

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Old Jul 27, 2008, 2:11 PM   #4
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Some crackers there, love the fact they are 1/1000th of second, very fast and captured them frozen perfectly. Like the depth of field in some of them, very clearly standing out from the backgrounds.

The focus must have to be spot on, yet they all look perfectly in focus on the people and not the backgrounds! very hard to do, I would say very very hard with moving subjects at the speeds!
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