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I am sorry to say that but I think that FZ30 is much better than 20. I have 20 and because of the notisable CA in 12x (F2.8, F4, F5.6, F8) I examined a lot of FZ30 shots (at 12x). In FZ30 the CA is not so much as in FZ20. Maybe I am wrong (it is normal people to think that something that they do not have is better than what they have - or at least this is the case with me). Is it possible some one to confirm or to say that I am wrong (I will be so happy if I am wrong because FZ20 is so expensive - in my country it cost more that 2 mounts payment).
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Thank you sqirl for your thoughts on the FZ30.
Your comments on the ergonomics are interesting because I believe the FZ30 is ergonomically outstanding. Less than two months after purchase I can operate the controls of this camera without having to stop to think where this or that function is.
To me, this is how it should be because you should be concentrating on the shot, not having to think where the zomm control or whatever is.

I have the use of two compact digitals, a Kodak DX6440 and a Canon Powershot G2, both of which are good things. The Canon is a very flexible piece of work.
But ergonomically and feature wise the FZ30 leaves them for dead.

My first real camera which I got around 1971 at the age of 15 was a Practika SLR so I got used to the feel of a heftier camera. Subsequent SLRs were the smaller OMs, which I loved. Despite having had a few good compacts including a Canon Elph , I never really feel motivated to get serious with a smaller camera.

My point is, (at last!)
The FZ30 appeals to me as an affordable, all round substitute for an entry level DSLR and lenses.
Coming from a background of film SLRs , the FZ30 controls for features such as the zoom and manual focus just seem right.

For me the 8mp is a very desirable attribute. It allows you to crop heavily and still retain detail.

I am fortunate to have a Canon i9950, (i9900) eight tank printer and 8mp lets me print stunning A3 size prints.

The whole noise thing is of little concern to me. Film had grain and we all lived with it.
I will remove digital noise if and when I need to.

Handling a camera in store will give you an idea of whether or not you would add it to your list of possibles. But like buying a car, it is i think only after you have a few thousand shots, (miles) up that you really know if this is the one.

Happy shooting.


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