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Apologies to those of you who've had to read this same query of mine on DPReview, but I thought it worth asking in both forums (fora?!). Whether you see the line I'm about to describe, or not, the answers would still be helpful to me.

In certain circumstances I've noticed a weird line on the monitor and EVF of my FZ30. I didn't see it till yesterday - either because I hadn't spotted it before (entirely possible) or that it only just started happening. It is NOT like the vertical blue streaks you can get from extreme highlights in a scene in many digicams (the ones that don't record on still shots but do in movies). It's different. Here's a description and how to see it. Please let me know if you can see it or not on yours, as it's either an odd characteristic of the model, or a worrying sign on my unit, requiring me to return it to the shop.

Set the camera to 5MP, with icons on the monitor/EVF (they help me describe where to look). Put it in P mode and ISO 100 (for consistency with what I'm doing). Zoom all the way to 420mm on the zoom ring (15.3x on the displays). In murky light (preferably tungsten indoor lighting) point the camera at a plainish surface, preferably beige or brown. Doesn't matter if it's focussed or not - just something that in this lowish light is a bit noisy-looking due to the screens increasing their gain for visibility.

Look on the left. Do you see a very fine, utterly straight and quite sharp vertical line running the full height of the monitor and/or EVF? It's position is such that it passes through the little icon on the bottom left of the screen, the one that denotes what type of light metering pattern you have set. It runs through it just to the right of that icon's centre (the icon is pasted "over" it, obliterating the line). The line usually shows as blue in colour. It doesn't show against a "busy" background, nor black or red backgrounds, nor when there's plenty of light. It is actually very hard to see even at its worst, but now I know it's there I can find it (sometimes you need to move the camera to vary the background to spot it). It seems permanent from what I can tell, and shows on both the monitor and EVF. It ISN'T visible on them in movie mode, and moves inwards and to almost total invisibility even at its worst, at 8MP.

Thankfully it DOESN'T get recorded on shots taken, either still or movie.

In itself, it's not a problem, just a little odd - but I need to know what it is (in case it's a symptom of forthcoming trouble) and one way of telling is whether other people see it on their cameras, or not. It might well be a "normal" artefact of the new way the FZ30 sends the image to the monitor.

Sorry... that was still long - but whether yes or no, I'd be grateful to hear from other owners about it.
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