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KeithHx wrote:
Many thanks to everyone for their comments and tips - I'll try some of them out and report back shortly.

One thing that annoys me about the camera is that often the pics look great on the viewfinder, but once loaded onto the PC they look poor - is there anything to look out for when previewing?


Rafael covered a lot so I will give a brief sentence or two of what I would do if you handed me your camera.

Auto focus - not manual. For the shots I see, shutter priority of at least 1/80th second, more for running around children. If it looks dark when I pressed shutter half way I would turn the flash on. (I have no problem using the flash even in bright situations myself.)

I say shutter priority to keep it simple, after playing with that you can try manual and same shutter speeds and learn about adjusting aperture by doing. f/5 to 6 is good for general shooting.

For shutter priority, a one line negative exposure.

Finally, if flash not being used I would set a one line exposure compensation and try and remember not to move while the camera takes three shots right quick.

As to why pictures look good on the viewfinder or LCD but not when uploaded, it is because they are blurry, and you are enlarging the blur. I get that all the time.
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