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I didn't see the pic at ISO160 but looked at the one after it (8th in the bar) at ISO400 and i'm somewhat confused... The noise reduction is aggresive indeed (loss of small detail but no paint-like spots) but I've resized it to 2650x1920 (the max resolution that FZ20 is capable of) and it's certainly less noisier than the FZ20 in some of the darker areas (more prone to noise). So if you really want to compare it to the FZ20 remember that bigger picture with the same noise doesn't mean the same quality print on paper (at the same size).

On the other hand, I kinda like the lens format, non retractable, and mechanical linked focus like a genuine dSLR.. well, half-dSLR We'll see if the LCD resolution allows you to really focus on those details...
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Troy Carter wrote:
Stoney79 wrote:
Narmer wrote:
- Noise at ISO 160 (7thpic, in bar) is bad: it would have been verygood for a ISO 400, already scarce for a SIO 200, but it is ISO 160 !
Yeah, that's really bad. And interesting, because the FZ30 does not have ISO 160.
In Auto ISO mode FZ's often pick ISO speeds that are unavailable through the menu. Perhaps that is what happened with that shot.Troys spoto
Troy is correct about the Auto ISO - in Auto ISO the FZ's will pick any ISO level that the cam needs. I've got several picts at ISO 250/150 from my FZ10.

No it would have been really nice if Pana had given an ISO25 -400 in steps of 50. The pitcs do look soft to me, lacking detail and over exposed in Phil's samples. Its the same with the samples on the lumix website too although the WB definetly seems to be better and skin tones on my ibook looked very good. The best comparison samples to compare the FZ10/20/30 were the LC1 samples but it looks as they've recently been changed.

The lens format has been taken straight from the LC1 - although we don't get an aperture ring . What this does mean is you can prepare for a shot very quickly - no need to wait for camera to power up and extend the lens (which was a very nice feature of the LC1).

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There's no need time to extend the lens: it's internal zoom lens...

Even, if you have EOS350D or something like that you can't setup the Aperture (only if you using manual lens, not AF ones...) before you powered up the cam...
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