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My wife is looking to upgrade from the FZ20 and doesn't want DSLR's because of the weight and size with long lenses, but wants to shoot RAW. I use DSLR's but am looking for a camera that I can squeeze into a big coat pocket on the days i don't have the big stuff with me.

My question(s): My DSLR's (D60, 1DMkII) have what is called something like "shooting priority," which allows you to interrupt any other business in the camera to get a shot. This includes interrupting the file being written, so that you can shoot instantly.

On the FZ30, if you shoot RAW, can you take another shot before the file is completely written to the memory card? If not, how long is the shot-to-shot time when shooting RAW?

Thanks in advance for any info.
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Only had my FZ30 since Monday but DPR review indicates ~4.5-seconds to write full RAW+JPG images (It saves both a RAW and a JPG image at same time) assuming you have preview turned off... middle of page


You can't interupt the save for another image when shooting RAW...:sad:
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Most newer DSLR models can process in parallel. IOW, the write to memory card is not actually being interrupted when you take another shot, since a separate processor is reponsible for emptying the buffer.

In the case of the Panasonic DMC-FZ30 (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong), I don't think you can take another photo in raw mode until the buffer is empty (the buffer probably can't handle more than one raw photo, so it has to empty before you can take another one).

That should take approximately 3.6 to 3.7 seconds between photos with a very fast card like a Sandisk Extreme III.

Steve measured it at 3.6 seconds in the review here. Dave Etchells measured it at 3.72 seconds in his review over at imaging-resource.com

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My bad; I was adding the time to display and said it was with display being off...
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The only problem with shooting RAW with the FZ30 is that the camera has such a noisy sensor, the RAW image doesn't retain any more detail in the dark areas than a high quality JPG. Of course, it's just fine if you want to use it for color correction, and noise reduction via RAW processing isn't too bad.
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Actually, and from my personal experience only. I do get more shadow detail shooting in RAW. It's not huge, but if I wanted a 20" by 30" print, even a small amount would be helpful. Now obviously my pics were taken on sunny days. I'm sure those taken in dim light will have some noise issues.

I've only had my FZ30 for a short time now, but I have had great success in using Noiseware just enough to remove the noise and still leave the detail in tact. I have not had any daylight pictures where I felt noise was an issue, at least not yet.
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