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I already have TCON-14B and will soon get FZ30. I have read CK teleconverter review but would love to hear more opinions on FZ30 with TCON-14B.

How does the image produced by FZ30 + TCON-14B compared to FZ20 + TCON-14B? Is it worst, similar, the same, or better?

Does FZ30 + TCON-14B produce sharp image?

Is the purple fringing noticeable at normal size print not 100% crop?

How does TCON-14B compared to TCON-17? Is there a noticeable difference in image quality at normal size print not 100% crop?


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assuming you have the necessary step-up rings to mount the TCON on the FZ30, it should give very good results. if you like, i can post some images shot with the -14B on my FZ20, so you can see how they look.

i have done side-by-side comparisons between the TCON-14B and the TCON-17 with my FZ20, and found the -14B superior in both sharpness and CA. it isn't as strong, of course, but it's sharp, andproduces either no, or at most very minimal, purple fringing (CA). you certainly shouldn't notice it in most "normal" print sizes. you didn't specify what size you're considering, but i assume you mean prints up to 8x10. the -14B also does not cause any reduction in light through the lens, so your camera will retain the same maximum aperture with or without the -14B attached, which is a plus.

the TCON-17, by comparison,can cause quite a bit of CA in high-contrast areas, and is also noticeably "softer", especially toward the edges. as you know, the -14B is a big, heavy lens, much more so than the -17, but i believe it's also higher quality, and that shows in the images it produces. perhaps that's also why the -17 is much cheaper...
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