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Ilan wrote:
With the FZ20 and 15 the Camera has a plastic adapter for the flare cover, the TCON mounts on that.

Isn't is the same with the 30?
No it is not the same. If you look at the Panasonic website at the accessories, you will notice that they are different for the FZ30. The FZ30 has 55mm threads and the zoom lens does not move in and out. All of the movement is inside the lens. I'm not what a flare or flare cover is, but I believe I'm safe in saying the FZ30 doesn't have one. The convertor lenses for the FZ30 bolt right on as long as they are 55mm. Any that are not 55mm obviouslymount by adding astep-up rings.

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As a matter of fact, remember that in the manual for the FZ30 under Conversion Lens (page 95), Panasonic say "Conversion lens cannot be used with the ND filter and the MC protector ..... always detach the ND filter or MC protector before attaching the conversion lens."

If this applies to Panasonic's own conversion lens, it must surely have some validity with other brands as well. Unless of course, practice shows without doubt that it doesn't really matter.

In using the Olympus TCON-17, I always remove the UV filter before attaching the convertor.
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I have an FZ20 with a Phayee adapter andUVfilterscrewed on to it. I've tried the TCON 14B with the filter removed and also screwed directly unto the filter and as long as the lens and filter are clean, I cant tell any difference in the picture quality. If you experiment by taking the same picture both ways, I suspect that you will not see any difference either.

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