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I bought the FZ30 a couple of years ago & am fairly happy with it [flash range is short, though]
What does one gain by going to a FZ50??

Many thanks
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DRReview has a list in their review of the FZ50 of the new features compared to the FZ30, including..

[*]Higher pixel count sensor (10.1 vs 8.3 MP) [/*][*]TIFF file format dropped (RAW remains) [/*][*]Venus Engine III (vs Venus Engine II) [/*][*]Full resolution ISO settings up to 1600 (vs 400) [/*][*]TTL Flash hot-shoe [/*][*]Lower resolution (207,000 pixel) screen [/*][*]Screen now flips down to 180° [/*][*]SDHC support (for capacities over 2.0GB) [/*][*]New 16:9 (848 x 480 pixel) movie mode [/*][*]New 16:9 and 3:2 aspect ratio options for stills [/*][*]Slower continuous shooting (from 3 to 2 fps, max images from 7 to 5 in standard) [/*][*]'SilkyPix Developer Studio' for RAW conversion included [/*][*]Intelligent ISO feature [/*]

Being the owner of an FZ50 and Olympus FL50 flash, I have enjoyed the TTL hot shoe. At this point, trying to run down a new FZ50 is getting a little difficult.

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Old Nov 14, 2008, 8:46 AM   #3
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Many thanks for that.
Yes - the TTL hot shoe would be my best + for the 50

I'm happy with the 30 but...................
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Old Nov 18, 2008, 11:40 AM   #4
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Dear Doug

First of all I ve never owned neither a 30 nor a 50, but I think I can stil lsa ysomething about them.

Have had a FZ20 for nearly 4 years, broken few months ago, and bough a FZ28 a couple of weeks ago (as a companion -rather than a backup- to my 40D dSLR).
I am extremely satisfied by the 28, more than I initially was with the FZ20 (which gave me huge satisfactions).

FZ30: my biggest complaint not to have taken one when I could.
FZ50: was an option aside the FZ28. Finally decided not to take the flagship cam because:
- FZ28 is nearly 2 years younger (better techs), has WAngle, Kelvin WB, is smaller and makes great movies (which I don't really care a lot about.. but...).
- FZ50 hot shoe, F11 ap, Twist LCD would have been great if that was going to be my Macro cam (but I use dslr for that).

Finally FZ30 vs 50:
someone already listed the Pros...
I can tell that both are GREAT, and the best UZ.

Imagewise, notwithstanding the STUDIO RESOLUTION Comaprisons which obviously favour the 50, I a msure that, IF YOU USE JPG, the 30 is better, for the 50 has TOO MUCH NR even setting it LOW and using LOWEST ISO (100).

FZ30 ISO 80 is maybe less clean than 50's but also less detailed (I m not talking about resolution charts lines, but distant trees foliage, grass and similar fine textures)....

SO, IMO they're on par, so upgrading wouldn't be a great step, espec Imagewise

But there are people who, fearing ULTRA ZOOM series won't be developed, has started buying a second FZ50.... in case the main one broke...
I think you could try a FZ18 or a 28 as a backup to the 30.... they're much younger and their ISO 400 is fairly usable (more or less similar to the FZ20-50 ISO 200) !
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Old Nov 18, 2008, 1:36 PM   #5
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Thanks for that.
I was actually in Henry's (CDN camera store chain) yesterday & held the 50 for a few moments - looked at the price tag ($650.00) and decided I WAS happy with my 30.............
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Old Nov 19, 2008, 12:18 PM   #6
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Hi Francesco,

I'm really surprised that you have bought the FZ18 over the FZ50. Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed your photography, "trekking" the mountains and villages of Italy. I have not seen many decent pictures, re: sharpness, detail, absent of noise and beautiful coloursposted here by you and others in this forum. What I have seen mostlyare pictures heavily cropped and taken from"miles" away (exaggeration), showing what the big telephoto can do. In my opinion, it is not worth it to upgrade to another Panasonic at the time being, maybe the FZ60 or other models later on. I can't wait to see yourpictures from the FZ18.



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