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Overcast is the worst weather condition to enhance the colors

PP can do much, although I m becoming always less prone to saturate too much the colors, as in Canon WOW pics Style (which is howeverunnatural if you think). See the pic below

added saturation, contrast and sharpening
With bright sky a polarizer helps enlarging the dynamic range (darkens skies so you can obtain bightier land( and saturating colors.
Betteruse AUTO WB with polarizer (not Fine Weather):
With overcast sky there is nothing to do.
UV doesn't affect colors
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The metering is good on the shots. The swan might actually be slightly overexposed because there seem to be blown highlights. You can't get those back in post processing like you can shadow detail. But you aren't going to get bright snappy colors and exposure on an overcast day, and my personal preference is for not cranking up the in-camera sharpening, contrast and saturation to try getting snappier images in those conditions.

I prefer getting the shots just as you have them and post processing good ones to the level of color and brightness I like. The blown highlights on the swan's back and side of the goose's head are acceptable to me, but others would prefer a lower exposure and the resultant noise bringing the shadows back up. You get the widest dynamic range with the camera set for minimum contrast, but there still isn't nearly the dynamic range you got with film.

Digital images are free and I tend to take several of any shot that might be good. I tend to use spot metering a lot and pre-meter on different parts of the image. You bracket both exposure and WB doing that.

Unless you got a really crappy filter, UV shouldn't affect your color balance. I'm not a fan of having an extra two glass/air surfaces less shadowed by the lens shade to protect my lens. But if you feel your lens needs protecting get a good quality filter with good coatings. I've had my FZ10 for a couple of years without extra glass for protection and there isn't a ding on the lens. It gets some pretty rough use.

This is your goose shot with a few clicks in Photoshop. Everyone has their preferences and it might not be to your taste at all. It might not even be to mine if I were making a big print and doing more critical work on it.

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videosilva wrote:
I think my problem may lye in the UV filter that I used. The 55mm UV filter has a very light tint to it that I'm not impressed with.
I feel it is necessary to shoot with a +2/3 exposure bias, sharpness high noise =low. My friends in Australia shoot a +1/3.

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