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Default FZ35/38 zoom speed when shooting video

Hello everybody,

I've been proud owner of FZ38 for several months, it is great camera and I really appreciate all its features and capabilities. The only thing that worries me is the speed of zoom while shooting video. For me it is way too fast than I expect it to be. I'm simply not able to zoom slowly even when I push the zoom lever at minumum level.

Any tips/tricks/hacks how to achieve nice slow zooming while shooting video with FZ35/38?

Thanks in advance.


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I find the zoom a lot smoother during video than taking pictures.
When taking pictures, the zoom jumps from 2x to 6x and so on but have no issues while recording video even when pressing zoom continuously.
While taking pictures, I tap the zoom rather than pressing continuously so the zoom only moves little at a time.

This review site suggests that the harder you push the switch, the quicker it zooms:
BTW, this site doesn't have good review of FZ35 compared to others except in noise and resolution.
Adjusting the zoom length with the side-to-side switch is typical for this type of camera, though the FZ35 lens does move smoothly rather than jerk into place. Since the lens moves faster the further you push the switch, the trick for precise handling is a gentle touch, maintaining a narrower angle for greater control.

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Default Gentle touch of zoom lever

First of all, thanks for the reply, I really appreciate that.

I'm aware that the zoom speed depends on how far I push the zoom lever, but at the most gentle push I get too fast zoom speed. What I would like to achieve is something like this video example:

http://vimeo.com/988069 (starting at 00:15)

I know it was shot by camcorder, but I guess that such slow zoom speed is nothing out of scope for hybrid camera - still not sure if the problem is in the sensitivity of my zoom lever push or the base zoom speed is really too fast.

Maybe I'll upload some video of my "slow zoom test" so we can compare



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