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Great first shot. The detail on the wings is fantastic Roger.
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Thanks for the responses.

I knew getting bee shots was hard, and I proved myself right today. I found a place this morning where several bees were working in the sun, on Tradescantia (spiderwart). I took valuable work time to do some shooting, with mixed results.

I tried getting closer with the camera, perhaps 2" from the subject. I tried Spot focus, and Area-1 focus, with no discernible difference in results. Of course, the primary problem is focus of the bee itself. I also took extra patience, waiting for the half-position on the shutter release -- sometimes loosing the shot during the wait. The camera took the focus plane on the flower, and I guess DOF is too short for both the flower and bee to be in focus. Perhaps I need to try some "A" shots, with high f. jdogg ... will take your suggestion for 2X zoom for some future shooting.

I suppose my short experiences are not to be unexpected. None of the bee subjects are the sharp focus I wanted. #2 is a bee-in-flight, but the outcome was not of my intentions! It is not as sharp as should be, so need to keep working.

Obviously, things move very quickly. The bees were stopping for barely a second on each flower, then moving to the next one.

Yes, these are cropped. I probably took only about one-third of the original image.

Maybe I'll find some bees that are more cooperative, and stay longer in one place, ha...
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Missed one, ... and it could be the best shot...?
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Those are really great shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kudos to you Roger.

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Roger, yes the last one is a keeper! Really nice detail and colors.

Your technique is just fine, you can tell because the flowers are in perfect focus in most cases. The bees (or any moving insect for that matter) are very tricky to shoot. Your learning curve may just be a matter of simply understanding when to photograph these buggers. You will find that certain time of the day they are slower (when it's cooler, for example). You may also find one bee that is moving slower than others. It's best not to go outside with a particular subject in mind. Instead, keep an open mind and look for your opportunities.

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You've got guts getting that close to bees.
I can't stand getting stung, so you won't see any bee closeups from me!
I think you've done a very good job with these, especially for your first attempts.
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