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Try this :


Seems to me there was quite a bit about this phenomenon not too long ago. Someone with an FZ35 was trying to HD video an oncoming train & the train's headlight elicited the subject effect. As usual, some cameras are more prone than others & as I recall, the FZ35 is bit more prone than average.
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Originally Posted by Tullio View Post
Since your main requirement is video, I'd suggest you look for a good digicam with still photo capability. Even though the video capability of many P&S is very good these days, they are still not as good as a true digicam. The digicams will perform better in low light conditions. AF is much much faster and accurate and the white balance and sound quality are much better as well. I have a FZ28, which offers good video recording but if the subject moves quickly (children at play, for instance), the camera has a hard time keeping up with focus.
I actually moved from a Canon DV camcorder (with limited photo function) to the FZ35 and like the combination of high photo quality and also rather high video quality very much.

Some of my stuff on vimeo (all shot with an FZ-35):
The tree: www.vimeo.com/11345662
with LC55 macro lens: www.vimeo.com/13884313
Zeeland: www.vimeo.com/14488204
The old mill: www.vimeo.com/14577326
autoHDR: www.vimeo.com/15797552
soccer kids: www.vimeo.com/17208358
christmas lights: www.vimeo.com/17912783

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With all this talk about "purple lines" .... had to post this
(The image was taken a few minutes ago.... uncropped, and
untouched, only resized).
FZ38, f4, 1/160 sec, ISO 200, EV -1/3

Attached Images
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That is a nice hydrangea shot. Thanks for posting.

Sarah Joyce
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Nice handling of blues and purples. Lots of cameras would have problems reproducing those true colors like the FZ38 did.

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