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opc11 Sep 19, 2010 5:56 AM

FZ35 Teleconverter & Filters
So here's my challenge. I would like to keep filter sizes to a minimum meaning whatever I use w/o a teleconverter (TC) I would also like to use w/ a TC.

Here's what I've learned from a lot of reading on the FZ35:
  • Len’s Thread: 46mm
  • Barrel Thread: 55.8mm
  • Hood Ring: 55.8 base; (would love to know what the other end's thread size is)
  • 46mm filter will fully collapse into the lens barrel w/o any issues.
After a lot of reading, i tend to prefer (performance/weight) the Nikon TC-E15ED. It looks like the E17 is considerably more. The E15 has 50mm > 58mm (filter end). In order to use a TC on the FZ35 you need an adapter ring. I found a few that work w/ the fz35's 55.8mm barrel threads:

1. Panasonic DMW-LA3 55.8mm > 55mm
2. JJC RN-6 55.8mm > 55mm
3. Permeal PA-62E 55.8mm > 62mm (telescoping length)
4. JJC RN-7 55.8mm > 58mm
5. Raynox RT5855W 55.8mm > 58mm

I have two ways to do this:

Plan 1:

- Purchase 55.8 to 55 adapter above
- Purchase 55 to 58 adapter ring
- Purchase 58mm filters
- Purchase 55 to 50 adapter ring
- Purchase teleconverter w/ 50mm base threads & 58mm front threads
- Use filters w & w/o teleconverter

- Problem: vignetting at wide angle (w/ or w/o TC) due to 55.8>55 adapter ring

Plan 2

- Purchase 46mm filters for now and attach directly to lens. This isn't a common size, but to be honest I think I'll probably only use a circular polarizer. so not too worried here. When I'm ready to go w/ a TC:
- Purchase 55.8 to 55 adapter above
- Purchase 55 to 50 step down ring
- Purchase E15ED (50 > 58mm)
- Purchase 58 to 46 step down ring
- Use 46mm filters on TC as well!

Question is whether anyone knows if the 46mm step down ring on the end of the teleconverter will cause vignetting and if so at what focal length?

I've got to choose. Do I want vignetting at wide angle or vignetting w/ TC. If vignetting w/ the teleconverter is only at wide angle settings I will probably choose this option presumably because if you're using the TC you're really trying to get zoomed in and anything less I don't need the TC.

Thoughts much appreciated!


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