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Default FZ35 Video FPS Issue

Hello all, I'm from India and I've recently bought an FZ35 (not 38) from eBay (regional). I probably should post this under the sticky thread regarding AVCHD but what the heck...anyway...continuing. Due to some reasons I had to return the first unit to the seller and after a while I got the replacement and I was happy with it until now. From what I've found going through numerous websites, I think that the FZ35 records video in NTSC format (I'm talking about the AVCHD) with 29.97 FPS while the FZ38 records video in [email protected] FPS. But in my case, although the model is FZ35, it's recording at 25 FPS. What's more funny is that the unit I returned to the seller, recorded videos at 30 FPS. I haven't found any settings to change the FPS in the camera nor I think there are any. So can you guys please help me to understand how this can be possible? I don't think that the unit is a fake one as the still shots are like what they should be. Maybe the issue doesn't sound much of an issue too...because it ain't a camcorder whatsoever...but it's bothering me. Are there any "PAL model" of the FZ35 available? Because then that's what I got after the replacement...

Another thing to consider here is that I haven't yet bought any class 6 SDHC cards...I just have a 4 gig class 2 sandisk. Though I don't think that the framerate would drop (but bitrate could...perhaps) because of the speed of the card and the previous unit also recorded those 30 FPS videos in this card only...but I thought I should mention this as well.

Please help...thanks.
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Very interesting. From what I can tell by going through the specs and manuals for them, the DMC-FZ38 should be using 50p for AVCHD lite (i.e., the sensor is outputting 25fps but it's recording 2 frames for each real one), and the DMC-FZ35 should be using 60p for it's AVCHD lite (sensor is outputting 30fps but it records two frames for each real one).

But, there could be some regional differences that are not obvious from the English manuals I see for them.

I can't find any way to change it from looking through the manuals.

Have you tried resetting it back to defaults to see what happens (you should see a Reset choice in your record menu)?

Hopefully, someone else will chime in with suggestions. I'm beginning to wonder if it may have been labeled incorrectly at the factory or something to that effect (or if the firmware for a DMC-FZ38 may have been loaded by mistake if that kind of thing is under firmware versus hardware control).

You may want to contact Panasonic, explain your problem, and see what they have to say about it. Here is contact info for your area:

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Thanks for the reply Jim. Well, I'm even more confused now. Keeping your thought in mind (about having the firmwire of FZ38 instead of the 35 in my cam) I just tried recording a vid to see how long it can really record, because if it was due to the characteristic of FZ38 then each vid shouldn't be longer than 29 mins 59 secs. I recorded till I could and the remaining battery ran out after recording 37 mins 56 secs continuously.

I'm attaching two reports I generated with "mediainfo" on the two vids, one from the current cam and the other from the returned unit. Apart from the FPS and overall bitrate I can't find any difference really. Oh and I did reset the unit in every possible way I could.

To be honest, it feels like having an offspring which was the result of an unearthly mating between the FZ35 and FZ38...lol.

I've already contacted Panasonic via email. Thanks for the link though.

And I've got a feeling that I may have to shed off that itch about not having the extra 4.97 FPS in video, and have to be happy as long as it produces great results like it's doing now.
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could u tell me for how much did you buy your Panasonic fz35/38 in Indian rupee?
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I had to pay approx. Rs. 17,000/- w/ discount for the camera. I wish I could wait for 3 more months, because then I'd be able to buy it in US for around $50-60 less. Darn temptation...
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