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Default FZ35 vs. FZ200

Usually, threads are started to compare two cameras for the purpose of helps in making a buy decision. That is not my case, but am interested in the comparison.

Through a mutual friend, I have made contact with a woman who just bought an FZ200. It sounds like she did not personally make the choice, but a relative living elsewhere urged her to buy an FZ200. She is overwhelmed, and needs help. I have an FZ35 which I've used for more than two years. I have offered to help her better understand her camera. I don't know of her interest in subject matter, and her basic understanding of photography. She had an SX210(?) which she lost, hence the replacement. Since I had experience with a Panasonic, the request for help came to me, thinking there are similarities.

We are meeting in a few days. I would like to prep before our meeting, so I know better what differences to understand. Has anybody here had experiences with both FZ35 and FZ200? What are the major things I will find that can help put this woman on a path to enjoying her new camera? I realize the FZ200 is a mega-zoom, like the FZ35, and that is considered an upgrade. But, what about settings and features that set it apart?

Anybody with suggestions? Thanks.
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Since you are interested only in a comparison between your own FZ35 and someone else's new FZ200, here is what I picked up from the net.


You can use your own knowledge and experience with FZ35 to understand these and explain to your friend. Hope this is useful to you.

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From an operational standpoint,the 38 and the 200 are more or less similar...
Think of the 200 as better,faster,further....
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Thanks for the link, Raghu. That is helpful.

Simon40, that is what I expect to find.

My fear is that after getting my hands on one, .... (you know the rest of the story)
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For differences in terms of specs, you can go to dpreview and do a comparison between the two. In terms of features, Simon summarized it well. The biggest plus in favor of the FZ200 is its fast lens (f2.8 across the entire zoom range).

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IMO if you actually want to spend the time to help someone then download the user manual and familiarize yourself with the camera capabilities and operation. Otherwise there is an outstanding chance that your fumbling around with learning the test camera "on the fly" with the student will simply prove to the student what they already suspect - camera is too difficult to use or doesnt seem to work well.


Last edited by sdromel; Apr 17, 2013 at 5:15 PM. Reason: Adds Link for FZ200 Owners Manual
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sdromel -- very good point. Yes, if the person is having trouble, having trouble myself does not send a good message.

Thanks for the good tip!

I've recently had communication, and we cannot meet for at least two weeks. She is away on vacation, so either will return with a good understanding of the FZ200, or frustrated beyond further interest. Or, maybe she will find somebody on her travels to help.
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Just use the experience you have gained from shooting with the FZ35 and you will do fine.

I don't think the FZ200 would be that much different, just better.

Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome and appreciated.
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