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Originally Posted by Finch View Post

Hards80: Silly question. If I do adjust the ISO to 1600, do I need to manually adjust the shutter speed each time depending on the shot conditions? I want to receive the best results but I don't always have the time to fiddle with the camera b/c the subject may venture off.

no, you can set your ISO independently of your other settings, in otherwords you can set your ISO to what you want in any mode.

my suggestion in these conditions is go to aperture priority mode "A". then go in and set your ISO to 1600. and then pick your most open aperture. so the more open the aperture, the more light is let in. so in this case adjust the "f" stop number til it is the smallest number (smallest f-stop number is most open). so at full telephoto on the FZ35 this number will be f4.4. this will give you the very best chance to get the highest shutter speeds you can.

don't feel bad, these are really tough conditions to shoot in. the light does not penetrate into the woods easily, especially at acute angles like in early morning and late evening.
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Yup, this is a very hard condition to shoot in, lived in the woods enough in the Army to know that it is very dark in the woods. Even with a dslr it can be really though. 3200 to 6400 iso may be needed to get shutter up with a dslr. Though your eye can see it as having light, your eye has a way wider aperture then the camera. On average your eye is about f1 to f1.5 which is allot wider then f4.4, and people have night vision ability. So at stand to, it does not seem as dark for your eye.
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