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Default Fz45 to G1, G2 or G3

I currently have the Fz 45 and was wondering if anyone has made the next step in getting one of the G series. Is it worth the jump.
I'm impressed with the Fz45, but does let itself down in low light.

Interested in hearing comments.


Fz45, Dmw-LC55, Raynox M-150 & 250, Raynox DCR-1540pro.
Panasonic G1 14-45mm & 45-200mm
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hi steve,
a good mate of mine has the G3 and i have seen a lot of his work. from wildlife to close ups of toadstools, to buildings and sunsets, and i have to say im very impressed indeed with how the G3 performs. he'll be registering on here (if he hasnt already) under the name of Smoggy. hes a decent bloke from the north east of england. so a fellow brit. drop him a mesage and get his Flickr page. you can see first hand what a G3 can do in fairly capable hands. Smoggy is an enthusiastic hobby photographer so pretty much the same level of ability as most on here. the G3 is on my wish list already due to him lol.

all the best
fz100 user
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G'day Steve

Yes mate - we've done it & no regrets ... tho lots of compromises
We're a mixed up family here ...

We have 2x G2s between us as well as the FZs

She had an FZ28 > found it couldn't swim so replaced it with a -100 and still wanted to explore the slr world & got a G2 w- 14-42, then the 14-140 + the 100-300
He had an FZ35 > was most unhappy with its noise levels, > got the G2 w-14-42 + the 45-200, and lately, has replaced the -35 with a Fuji X-s1

The G2 body design is one of the best I have come across in my 40+yrs of travels with SLR cameras. Via 2-3 rotary dials & sliders alongside them, you can set/reset all the primary settings of the camera. They are easy to get tactile response from, easy to remember which is which and so on.

-she- has the 14-140 on permanently; a great lens with lots of convenience and occasionally goes for the 100-300
-he- tends to use the 45-200 mostly, and the 14-42 + 100-300 from time to time
-he- has tested these lenses for overall sharpness [posted here dec last year]. The 45-200 is a very sharp lens, the 100-300 is much the same as the Sigma 70-300 for the pentax [ie- both are pretty ordinary lenses]
-he- has also used the 45-200 for surfing shots, cropped the centre 3mpx out of the 12mpx image and still got cracker sharp pix [also posted here in feb I think]

+ points for the G2
some mentioned above
+ good ergonomics, & touchscreen works okay too
+ beaut lightweight camera body [compared with a regular dSLR]
+ good ISO / noise performance to 1600, 3200 is 'ok', 6400 is 'sus'

- points for the G2
- no lenses in the 400-500-600 range

Then we come to the FZ100 / Fuji X-s1 ... why do we still use 'em if we have the G2s??

The amazing convenience of a very smart camera with [in dSLR terms] an 18-450 lens far, far outweighs anything that the 'standard APS-sensor' dSLR has to offer us

-s/he- both like to shoot out at the 450 end of things
To be able to hand-hold the camera and zoom out to 350 - 400 - 450 and go 'snap' is really great.
The 'downside' of such cameras is [for us] only the immediate focus lock-on speed of the dSLR for rapid movement - so we don't bother with birds-in-flight.

ps: -she's- about to do a 21-day safari thru Africa and will be taking the FZ100 exclusively for that tour - size, weight, long lens etc etc

Hope this helps a bit - pl come back with more Qs as they arise
Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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Thanks for your input.

Think I'll bite the bullet soon and invest in one. Either way I will definitely be keeping the Fz45

John I have sent your the mate smoggy a private message as he hasn't posted anything yet.

Phil thanks for your view and experience on using the 2 different cameras.

Thanks for your help

Fz45, Dmw-LC55, Raynox M-150 & 250, Raynox DCR-1540pro.
Panasonic G1 14-45mm & 45-200mm
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I have the G1 and G3. Considering how cheap the G1 is these days, I think it's a good way to get introduced to the m4/3 world. The G2 is still very expensive considering how old it is and to be honest, I don't find the G3 to be much better than the G1. In fact, I'm seriously thinking about selling mine. The other cheap (but very good) m4/3 camera is the Olympus EPL1.

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