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fmoore Mar 11, 2006 8:34 PM

FZ5 with oly c210 1.9x tele at 12x in spot focus through lots of branches from ~45 ft away. Resized only.

One other with the FZ5 and c210, this oneat 7x zoom.Notice the vignetting; ie, dark corners. (Particularly on the right side due to the "mis-alignment" of the fz5 adapter and lens). Not too bad and the center is clean. The FZ5 was set to Vivid (others to Std).

LadyhawkVA Mar 11, 2006 8:46 PM

Nice photos. The warm colors in the last one are beautiful.

bmccoy Mar 11, 2006 9:33 PM


Nice job of getting the focus locked even with all the other stuff in the frame. Also the first one really does a nice job with isolating the depth of field. Good blurred background.


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