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The FZ5 and dcr6600 work very nicely together but the 6600 must be much closer to the fz5 lens than the fz5 adapter allows. This requires some modification to the fz5 adapter. See here. The first row of thumbnails belowis with the 52mm filter casing insert modification to the fz5 adapter. The second row is with the rtr5264p modification. The third row shows the fz5 alone at wa and the two adapters. The52mm casing insert adapter places the dcr6600 2mm further from the lens than the rt5264p modification resulting in a slight bit of vignetting in the lower right hand corner. But that greaterseparation seems to work better at 12x zoom. The rt5264p modification is here.

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thanks for this excellent work Fred.

..a happy new year to you!

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Thanks, fmoore, for all your FZ5 posts (and photos!)...

I recently purchased an FZ5 for its relatively small size and weight for a 12x IS zoomto bemy primary "backpacking" camera... I also wanted to expand its capabilities for everyday use by adding conversion lenses, etc...

I just bought/received a Raynox HD 6600-55... Sorry, I don't have any shots to share yet - haven't had a chance to get outside due to weather or work schedule... I have 'played' with it inside at night, and I'm impressed so far - it has the minimal barrel distortion of the other 6600 lenses Raynox makes... I bought the 55mm version ( I didn't already own a 52mm) for 'easier' conversion using the FZ5 adapter without 'serious' modification, and that I also might purchase an FZ30 in the future...

I also bought an extra FZ5 adapter andsanded it down to the start of the threads as suggested on other posts... After I 'play' and compare some more, I will probably sand down the other adapter, too... Sanding down the FZ5 adapter certainly helps obtaining a more secure attachment... I also have a TCON 17 on the way - and I will use your 'filter' suggestion to attach it to the (sanded) adapter...

The HD 6600-55 shows no apparent vignetting with either the original or sanded down FZ5 adapter... The sanded down adapter does have more zoom capability with the 6600-55, however... I'm hoping that once my schedule and the weather cooperate, I can share some test photos on the forum so that others can see what the Raynox HD 6600-55 can or cannot do... It may be a much 'easier' way for some people to go WA with the FZ5...

Thanks, again. Happy trails!!!
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enyapjr - Thanks for your reply and welcome to the forum. I'm surprised to hear there is no vignetting with the 55mm hd6600 and the stock fz5 adapter (or slightly sanded down version). If that's true,it's certainly good news. Looking forward to some samples.

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