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Hi there,

i need help i don't know if choose the FZ5 or FZ30. I know that FZ30 is more complete and has more function then FZ5 but it's also true that 5 is smaller and more portable then FZ30. So the more funtion that FZ30 has does be worth the 170€ that cost more then fz5?

Sorry for my english
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I have a FZ20 which I carry in a TEK Digital waist pack which I find very convenient. Purchased it in Circuit City. I attached one end of the camera strap to the camera and the other end to the camera strap itself. Thus I can keep the strap around my neck and the camera in the TEK for safe keeping.

I am paranoid about dropping the camera.

I can keep spare batteries, cards, cleaning cloth etc in the bag with my camera: FZ20>Phayee lens adapter>62mm filter>Hama 72mm rubber hood> 62mm teathered lens cap.

Works fine for me.


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The only advantage of the fz5 over the fz30 is it's much smaller size (and price). That's the reason I have it and not the fz20 or fz30. The fz5 is an excellent ultra zoom camera for the basic point and shoot mentality with the options of having control over aperture and/or shutter speed. It's capability of acceptingadd-on lens is somewhat hampered by it's poorly designed plastic lens adapter but that can be rather easily rectified with some modification. The fz30 add-on lens capability is much improved. Some people actually feel the fz5 is too small and prefer the bulk of the fz20/30. Obviously, the added features of the fz30 could very easily make it the more desirable camera. If small size is not preference, then I would wait a little for the price of the fz30 to go down and then get it.
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You can walk around all day with the FZ5 around your neck and not even know it's there - it's so light, particularly considering it's power.
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