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EOS RT is perfectly right!
You will miss the manual focus, I had my situation where the camera was sure, that the "dirty" window provided the best focus!
I have to learn to manage such situations and there are always solutions. I have got used to it and in more than 99,99% I am the winner - and I am faster with a spot AF now!
My canon had a menu for focus control, I used it on 1 of 1000 shots! An electronic manual focus ring is better!

So buy a (often bigger) camera with "manual" focus!

But I guess you will miss the whole camera sometimes then.....

Sven (FZ5)
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Sven, Moin im Norden

after having done some research in this, and other digicam-forums, I think most of the people are quiet happy with the FZ5-AF. "quiet" means that they feel fine with the AF in the waste majority of situations. OK, I know there will be occasions when I really do need a manual focus ring, and miss shots because of not having it. But I now think I can live with it.

Yes, I would like to go for the FZ20 or the like, but its size is something which I think will make me leaving the cam at home many times. I need a "handy" one. Thats why I will buy the Fz5 (I guess).

After many years with almost no activities in photography, I want to start again with this hobby in a small scale. But I am not willing to put grands on it, until I see that I really got serious again. So my camera needs to cover the daily "business" like birthdays and weddings, but should give me enough space for creativity with some manual modes. I think the FZ5 is just fine for these purposes.

I have gone through many FZ5-galleries, including the photos you posted in this forum. And it shows me that one can achieve really great pictures with this neat little thing (even without manual focus).
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Hej frankyboy,

it was the size and not the price in my case.
There is one thing, I am really missing: the hotshoe!
- You talked about weddings, please order a good slave flash (leaning or time delay!) in this case.
- Next there are problems with low light conditions (this does not matter to me).

Most of my photos needed postprocessing, my skills are not good enough to get exactly the shot I intended. This camera needs more pp than others.

There could be a new FZ6 in the near future(?), panasonic fulfills some of our wishes with new products. The FZ6 will have some of the nice functions of the FZ30.

Finally I would buy a new FZ5 (or FZ1V2) if my camera would die a sudden death!


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Go here for all kinds of flash bar mounts etc. http://www.photosolve.com/main/product/index.html
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