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I knew what I was going to expect with the FZ5's shortcoming under low-light and/or indoor situations, but I didn't expect it to fail when thereare plenty of light (IMO) available.

Picture 1 (indoor shot inside the UCLA bookstore)
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Picture 2 (this picture came out clear ONLY because I used the flash. ANY camerausing the flash can produce a clean shot).
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That first picture was taken at 1/8 second exposure. It is difficult to hand hold (but not impossible) to handhold at that exposure.

I would suggest that when the jitter alert is on, that you try extra hard to hold steady.

And while I can not tell what stabilizer mode you used , but mode 2 should give the best results.

I also can not tell what focus mode you used but I would try spot focus and turn off continuous auto focus.
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You're expecting too much if you think a speed of1/8 hand held should give you a sharp picture. I can't think of any camera in this class that would readily knock of a crisp shot in those circumstances.

I recently did a steam train in the evening as the light was dropping. I took about 20 shots, most were quite good but there was one I really liked and thought it was good enough for a keeper and was surprised to see that I hadtaken itat1/13.I have had it printed as an 8 x 6 and it looks fine but I consider this to have been a lucky shot, rather than something that the camera should hve automatically been able to do.

Did you have the Image stabiliser set to Mode 2?

using the 'party' setting in scene mode might also help for the indoor shot.

Though you are probably into tripod territory with that shot. I shoot some of my rtwork indoors and find that onceI go below 1/30, the tripod comes out. Any good hand held shots below that speed are more like happy accidents

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The other problem with the first shot is that you look to be trying to focus on something without contrast (the plain floor at the bottom of the stairwell). Even my Canon 1D with a 17-40 f4 L lens can't focus on a plain wall in poor light--I've tried it. If you need to, prefocus on something with contrast and then recompose the shot if needed.

Also, remember that plenty of light to the human eye is very different than plenty of light for a camera.
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