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I have an FZ5, still under warranty, and I've found that some pictures stored on the memory card can't be previewed.

After a lot of testing I've found that the pics that can't be displayed are ones vertical ones, as in the height of the image is greater than the width. Normally when I tilt the camera I notice that the camera detects this and when viewing these images they are rotated to the correct orientation, even though the file dimensions are width > height, like normal photos.

For whatever reason, these photos (which my girlfriend took while out) appear to be vertical shots, but the file dimensions are height > width.

I have the camera set to 1280x960. All pictures that can be previewed have width = 1280, even if I rotate the camera vertically when taking the pic and they are previewed in a rotated form they still appear as width=1280 in the jpeg file and on PC image viewers that don't know anything about the orientation the camera was in at the time they were taking.

These few pictures that can't be previewed have width=960. I have no idea how she coerced the camera to take these pictures, she doesn't know either, and I can't reproduce it. Obviously the preview image viewer in the camera wasn't designed to cope with these dimensions, but I don't know how the camera even managed to take them.

Apologies for the rant, but does anybody know what's going on?
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Nevermind, the problem is in XP's Picture and Fax Viewer application. When I view vertical shots it doesn't auto-rotate, so naturally I do it myself....... but unfortunately the application silently modifies the file's orientation and saves it, making it unviewable by the camera's software. It also destroys the exif info with regards to orientation, so even if I re-rotate the images when viewed in the camera they are no longer auto-rotated because the orientation info is not present. Thanks Microsoft.

At least it's not the camera...
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