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fmoore Sep 13, 2005 10:33 AM

Glad to be of assistance. I was lucky to have a rt5264p on hand when I got the fz5. I had purchased it to use with the fz20 but ended up returning the fz20 - a little to cumbersome for my tastes - and keeping the adapter. When I got the fz5a few months later, I was immediately with the quality and build of the lens adapter that came with it. I was just curious to see if I might use the raynox adapter in combination with the fz5 adapter somehow. I slid it over the fz5 adapter and, lo and behold, it fit perfectly and snuggly. A little plastic removal and the problem was solved.

pkjackson Oct 28, 2005 3:10 PM

I bought an FZ5 a few weeks ago and think it is an excellent camera. I am about to get a 6600pro and a RT5264P.

I also intend to get UV and polaring filters but i'm not sure which size is best to get for day-to-day use in conjunction with the above. Should I:

1) leave the RT5264P on all the time and get 52mm filters. This way I can just swap between filters and wide-angle whenever I want.


2) buy 55mm filters. This way I need to remove the filters and add the RT5264P when I want to use the 6600pro.

Any advice appreciated.


fmoore Oct 28, 2005 5:44 PM

Welcome to the forum, PJ. With the dcr6600, it is absolutely necessary to get the wa lens as close as possible to the fz5 extended lens. Otherwise you will get vignetting.The only way to do this is with the full fz5 adapter modification( ),which removes the 55mm threads from the stock fz5 adapter. With the full modification you now have the 52mm metal receiving threads of the rt5264p.Use 52mm filters.

HarjTT Oct 28, 2005 8:44 PM


Lovely shots - B&W out of the cam does look good and that WA convertor works damn will with the FZ5.

Regards the WA convertors from Dr. Shene's report on the new convertors for the FZ30, Id go for the OLY WCON-07. It seems that Pana's dropped the ball on the quality of the tele convertor at least. Chances are that the WA will be the same.



pkjackson Oct 29, 2005 5:24 AM

Thanks Fred.

Yes, I plan to modify the stock adater, but wondered about buying an additional one for use with filters. What I wasn't sure of was whether I would get problems from using the rt5264p and a few filters because of the reduced diameter. After all, if you can get away with 52mm filters, why does the standard adapter have a 55mm thread?

BTW, like everyone else, I think your photos are fantastic.


fmoore Oct 29, 2005 9:04 AM

Thanks for the comments.

Harj - You're right about Pany's efforts re tele and wa converters for the fz30 - way over priced. The dcr6600 is a Raynox wa lens and does work very well with the fz30 if you can get it close enough. That isn't easy with the 52mm dcr6600 since you need a 55-52mm step ring which places it that much further from the fz30 lens. Raynoxed has announced production of a 55mm threaded version of the 6600 -the hd-6600pro-55 made specifically for the fz30.Available late November. The Oly wcon07 is also a good choicesince it has 55mm threads. The question with that lens (unanswered I believe) is the corner degradaton at higher zooms. For those who like to keep a wa lens on and have the availablity of some zoom room, the wcon07 may present a problem. We need more information on that.

PJ - It's a good idea to get an extra stock fz5 adapter just in case. Only about $20 shipped. The smaller fz series cameras starting with the fz1 have all had 55mm stock adapters. The actual diameter of those camera's lens is about 46mm, so, assuming you can get the filter close enough, there is no vignetting with 52mm. (The 49mm minolta act100 1.5x tele works beautifully with the fz5.) In addition to a 52mm uv filter for lens protection (which I keep on at all times except with the dcr6600) , the 52mm Nikon 4t achromatic +3 diopter close up lens (~$40) is highly recommended for macro work.

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