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recently purchased a teleconversion lens - results are really disappointing. this is a far east product from ebay - anybody have any experience of these lenses and any tips? i tried taking uv filter off also tried the software change 'conversion' page 98 on manual. results are still rubbish - my raynox macro works a treat - have i got a duff conversion lens? did i waste my money?

help appreciiated

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There are only a handfull of Conversion lenses that work with a camera that has a lens the size of the FZ30/50........the best bang for the buck is the Tcon17.....The best if money is no object is the Nikon TC-E17ED lens........the Raynox 2020 is not bad but not as good as the others I mentioned.

In fact there is no 2 or 3 X TC worth trying......

This site is worth reading and remember the lens on the FZ30 is the same as the one on the FZ50.

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Unfortunately, you can't get blood out of a turnip. Chances are that what you're getting with your eBay teleconverter is the best you're going to get with it.

I own two teleconverters for my FZ50:

- Olympus TCON-17 - A 1.7x teleconverter purchased from Olympus Auctions on eBay for under $70 new.
- Nikon TC-E15ED - A 1.5x teleconverter purchased on eBay from a private seller for $40 in as-new condition.

Of the two, the Nikon is by far the superior quality teleconverter. Unfortunately, Nikon no longer manufacturers these teleconverters (or the much coveted but FAR more expensive 1.7x TC-E17ED). However, there are still some like-new ones to be found on eBay. The Nikon TC offers much better contrast and sharpness and with no purple fringing/chromatic aberation (PF/CA) that is frequently found when shooting with the TCON-17. Most times, you'll have to pixel-peep to see the PF in a TCON-17 shot, but sometimes it's there in full force. So even though the Nikon is just 1.5x compared to the TCON-17's 1.7x, I prefer the Nikon.

Here's some comparison shots of the same part of a stucco house across the cul de sac from my own house. I don't really know what percentage crop these are, but it is a portion of the original and only the TC-E15ED's photo has been resized to allow for more of a direct comparison. Neither photo has been post-processed in any way other than that.

The resizing should have reduced the quality of the Nikon image (especially the sharpness), but it's still sharper than the TCON-17. Also not the fringing in the arched window panes in the TCON-17 photo, as well as the general softness (you cannot see as much stucco texture detail). The difference to me was rather shocking, as I've always been a fan of the TCON-17 and never really noticed any of this prior to buying the Nikon TC and directly comparing them.

Also, for those who may just think that the TCON-17 shot isn't as well focused, I did the same test three times with the same results. The TCON-17 is simply softer and less contrast. I can only imagine how nice the Nikon TC-E17ED would be!

Olympus TCON-17:

Nikon TC-E15ED:

Hope this helps.
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I don't know why nobody is mentioning the DMW-LT55. It is made for the FZ30/50 by Panasonic. There is even a setting on the camera to let the camera know that the lens is on the camera and being used. New it is $200. I left the link for it @B&H photo below, but it is out of stock. I bet you can get it much cheaper on e-bay. A long time ago, I believe I posted results btw that lens and the TCON. I believe that this was the best lens, of course, it is also the most expensive. But you probably won't be disappointed. My question to you is, do you really need all of that power? I mean you can increase the zoom capabilities of the cam by lessening the megapixel in your settings, thereby being able to zoom in even more. I know you lose quality, but it looks pretty darn good, that is what I was doing, I never carry my tele lens for the FZ50. If you really need it, I would sell that other one back and try the Panasonic!

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