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Helo all.

I have narrowed down my choices to Fz7 and Fz30.

This is if i can get a FZ30 in my budget ... or else its gonna be fz7.

my main question is ... why are the canon cameras so high priced than the panasonics?

the S3 retails at 350$ and the panasonic is 300$ and yet panasonic provides hood,adapter, battery ,charger.

Does this mean that panasonic is using poor quality parts ?

wat are ur experiences with a the FZ7? Is it as fast as the S3 ?

Wat exactly is the difference in both the cams?

why is canon overpriced?
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My advice is: Go to a store, take both cams in your Hand, snap four pics, use the zoom.

And believe me, if your fingers are as sensible to quality as are mine, everything will be clear, no need to post a question in here. That is what I did, finally, after a long agonizing process, that I might have spared myself.

I can not explain how, or why. Exaple: if you have ever sat in an Audi RS4, like I did once, and have driven it on a racetrack for a day, than you will have an instant feeling about the quality of a new car by just sitting in it and driving a mile. Probably this is more extreme with a Porsche or Ferrari or a Dodge Viper (I really want to try one sometime).

The same holds true for computers and such. And, not the least, for cameras.

All that said: I did have the Canon s2 in my hands. It felt like a toy. I did have the FZ20 in my hands. It instantaneously felt "right". I bought an FZ30. I never looked for Canon again-if I will make the Jump to DSLR(Which is not needed by now, as my capabilities are still exceeded by my cams), I will make a shortlist, where the Panasonic, the Leica and Canons and Nikons will be involved, after reading some specs and magazines. And then I´ll let my Hands decide.

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Look at the pictures.

Panasonics are very good cameras andexcellent value for themullah!I would get a Panasonic even though, tomy eyes anyways, nobody has better color thanCanon.

I'm still a Canon fan, except for someissues. Meanwhile, Panasonic keeps getting better and hasa very good line up of cameras to choose from.

Youseem to like the same stuffthat I like.

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That's a confusing title, "FZ7 vs S3", when you are choosing "FZ7 vs FZ30"!

Anyway, a work colleague bought a Canon Powershot S3 IS recently and I'm unimpressed. Sure it handles well and has a nice video mode, but the shots are not crisp edge to edge as I am used to with my Panasonic FZ10.

I've gained a new appreciation of the quality of Panasonic's workmanship, and particularly the quality of the Leica branded lenses they use.

As for your FZ7 vs FZ30 question, it's a hard call, and one you can only make by holding them both and taking a few test shots. And don't take too long about it, as the FZ30 has been superceded by the FZ50 and that has a whole new set of pros and cons!
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i think the FZ30 is a better camera because of the hotshoe and the fixed lens barrel with zoom and focus slides. but i dont know how you would go getting one new now

as to canon s3is v/s fz7


images are compared thru the range of iso
at 800 iso the fz7 is crap, but the canon isnt all that useable either
in fact for different reasons they compare very well
while fz7 has a larger lcd, the canon has a free lcd
while the fz7 suffers from the venus engine the canon has a lesser lens

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