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Just when I though I had made up my mind and was about to buy the FZ8 to complement my Powershot A610... I tried my hands on a FZ50 yesterday and was very impressed. The SLR look and feel is great and some features are actually quite tempting.
Among the FZ50's features I think are most appealing to me are:
* flip and twist LCD (although it's 0.5" smaller than FZ8's)
* min apperture F11 (vs F8 on FZ8)

Other nice (but maybe no so important) features:
* mechanical zoom and focus ring
* 55mm threaded lens (no need for an adapter)
* better physical controls (dials and buttons)

Features I don't really care (as of now):
* hot-shoe
* sligthly higher resolution EVF

Overall, I think the FZ50 it's a superior camera. The only thing that holds me back is that it's larger and over 2x heavier. This is a major concern to me as I mainly like to shoot while travelling, or doing long biking/walking trails. And of course the FZ50 is much more expensive!
-> Anything else I should consider?

-> How do these two cameras compare in terms of image quality and photographic/creativity controls?

-> Is the FZ50's larger sensor (1/1.8") better than the FZ8's 1/2.5"? I've read plenty about the noise issue and I'm prepared to shoot on low ISO (and RAW when it matters most).
-> What about the lenses? Any difference?

Any comments are highly appreciated!
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I have an FZ8 anf love it although I'd have bought the fz50 purely for the manual zoom ring.

The size isnt that big an issue as the adaptor ring (which I leave on the fz8) takes it to almost the bult of the 50. Weight of course will be far less
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Personally speaking If I were you , I will prefer to gradute to dSLR.Why???,B'coz I already have A-640 which is an excellent cam, only draw back is focal length,but by now I would have already got used to it.Now the price of a dSlr has also come down, It may cost you little bit more than FZ-50 , but give you an extra edge in photograhing the difficult subject and learning part is the fun.So I will prefer to save money for dSlr than to go for "dSLR like cam."(Well in compact the night shot is a real nightmare), Wight wise dSLR may more than FZ-50, but once you use it you may get hooked.Even if I Still wish to go for compact then I will compare with Nikon P-500, and canon S5S1, they too are worhty contender,especially S5S1.Well I am not denouncing FZ-50 or FZ-8 ,both are excellent cam with superlative lens,but if I have a wide choice why not give a look to these cam too
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