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Just got my new FZ8 today. On my FZ5, I always used the maximum megapizels but the lower quality setting on the picture. I have tried both many different times, and the JPEG's always look the same on my screen.

Wondering if the Fz8 is the same. At the "7m" but lower quality setting I get 1100 pictures on a 2GB card, at the finer quality setting I get 599. Has anyone with the FZ8 really been able to tell the difference with the higher quality setting? I will probably never use RAW mode, if that is a determining factor.

It was twilight when I got home and the camera was here from Amazon, so not much time to play with it.

Big noticable improvements:
-Both the viewfinder and the LCD are a HUGE improvement over the FZ5. Amazingly clear in comparison.

-The factory lens adapter is MUCH better that the one on the FZ5, although I already have my Peramaal adapter with sunshade installed.

-Nice to have a battery that doesn't make you have to pay attention to how you install it; the shape makes it right everytime. Now if they could only do that with the SD card...

-Having a manual focus is pretty trick, along with the magnifier. Easy to use.

-It takes a little getting used to the center-placement EVF as opposed to the left-hand side one on the FZ5. It almost forces you to use your right eye, always used my left eye before~and I have monovision, so my eyes focus differently. (Lasik correction)

-The camera body has a nice "grain" to it instead of the smooth FZ5 finish.

-Primary dial is metal and much bigger; plus the setting reads out on the viewfinder; nice!

It didn't come with a wrist strap, so I had to steal the one off my FZ5.

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