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|^| Used the Exposure auto-bracketing and photoshop to create an HDR image. Though I wish the auto-bracketing could have a wider range


Panorama with a Peugeot. No, the TZ5 does not have a built-in Panorama merger. This was done in Photoshop.

All these photos were taken in the iA setting...no adjustments done! (except the HDR'd bike and Panoramic merges)
The first two pictures were taken with 1.04 Firmware and the rest with 1.13 Firmware. No noticeable difference with still pictures.

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Yes, the camera is capable of excellent results in IA mode. I used that mode almost exclusively when I went on my last vacation.

I've recently been shooting my TZ5in the regular Auto mode with the Intelligent Exposure setting turned on, which does much the same as IA, but you still have many of the options you don't havein IA, like an incremental exposure compensation vs. just "backlight", plus the ability to switch metering patterns in situations where something like spot metering is a better option,and you retain all the various flash options vs, just the"on" and "off" you are stuck with in IA.

Both do work great though....just depending on whether you want the extra options or not.
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Greg & Modifier

Have either of you applied the upgrade that improves the focus on the TZ5 ?

There is a fellow in Italy a few post up that is not a happy camper with his TZ5 and its focus.

I was contimplating a TZ5 but have been having a change of heart and thinking of the Z18 with its Elmarit glass rather than the TZ5's Elmar glass.

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Nice shots, thanks for sharing!

As for the q on sharpness, I'm happy with the results from mine. Not up to the standards of my 1D/5D camera and L glass but then look at how much it costs. I take mine most places as lugging around 1 or 2 large bags of bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories was driving me crazy LOL.

I can happily recommend one as long as you don't want manual controls.
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I have upgraded my camera with the v1.2 firmware and I can say that the autofocus in movie mode is much better. I cannot see any difference with any other aspect of the camera.

In extremely bright situations, it is quite tough to focus, such as when pointing directly at the afternoon sun. Most other situations is quite good, but not always as fast as I would like. Occasionally, I have to refocus the camera once or twice in bright lights. Glare from the sun seems to be causing this because it always happens while facing the sun

As for getting an FZ18, if you're willing to carry around the extra bulk then I'd say go for it. But as for a great handheld camera with 10x optical zoom and great quality pics, the TZ5 is pretty hard to beat.

I will be posting pictures soonof the DTM race at theNorisring!
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