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atkins400 May 8, 2006 3:10 AM

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I was in San Fran this weekend on a business trip. The company took us out on a nice little dinner cruise around the bay. I took this photo from underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and I thought it was interesting how this one building caught the light from the setting sun.

FZ30, f4.0, 1/60, ISO 80, resized, and ran it through neatimage. The original looked fine at iso 80, but for some reason the photo looked really noisy after I resized it. Anyone else have this problem?

Narmer May 8, 2006 4:43 AM

If you run it throught neat image AFTER resizing, I think only sky would need some Noise Reduct. So "undo" NR in the palaces and sea, or only select sky for NR (therefore it's better using NR plugins than standalone progs).

On the other hand you may run NR on the ORIGINAL image (not resized), which would decrease resolution but not drastically, and you'd alwyas have a decently textured resized pic. This costs some time more, for NR plugins are obviously slower in processing 8Mp images than screen size ones.

I always recommend to leave INTACT the original pic (print has different PP needs than internet diffusion, esp. as far as sharpening) and run NR and other Post process. on the resized pic, and ONLY on the layers/areas of the image in which noise is still evident at screen size... as skies or Macros' out of focus backgrounds (same for sharpening areas).

In your case you lost detail in the main subject area (and even in the sea, which might still be good for it would simulate a slightly Out of focus foreground)



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