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jrh312 May 9, 2005 11:19 PM

I just picked it up three days ago. Here are two Yahoo galleries with some pictures in them. It takes forever to upload this size image with dial-up, so there are only a few there but I will be adding more. Even though they're small on the screen (again, thanks to Yahoo), any feedback on how I can make them better is always welcome!

Presque Isle State Park

Various Macro stuff

ukwoody May 10, 2005 4:35 AM

I like the second one and the fourth one (especially)


jrh312 May 10, 2005 7:12 PM

Thanks, which gallery?

rcci May 10, 2005 7:38 PM

In the first gallery I like them all. How much PP did you do to them?

The second gallery is, lets say, a little different. Not bad, just different.

jrh312 May 11, 2005 6:41 AM

The only thing i did to any of them was crop the sailboat one a little bit to get rid of a plant that was sticking up in the one corner.

Anything I can do to make the second gallery.....less different?

alandavey May 14, 2005 2:05 PM

I have this problem with my horizons - they slope downwardsright to left. I guess I must "list to starboard"! My old college friends used to feel quite queasy when they looked at my seascapes.

Anyway the FZ3 really helps. I put the grid on (you know - the thing that divides the frame by thirds) and then I can see at a glace whether I am in sloping world mode or not!

Nice shots, by the way. I, too like no 2 & 4 of album 1.

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