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Old Jun 12, 2006, 12:37 PM   #1
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I know this may seem off topic, but with all the discussion on this board about Panny cameras and their noise levels, I thought people might be interested in checking out some sample images of Fuji's new F30.

Sample shots over at http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/fu.../gallery.shtml. There are 2 ISO 1600 shots that, IMHO, capture great detail, and are virtually NOISELESS!! This camera is the first to offer Fuji's 6th generation Super CCD sensor. Apart from the terrible purple fringing levels in the samples, I think we may have a winner.

Now, I LOVE my FZ30, but what I wouldn't give to have this kind of high ISO performance from a CCD with Panny's "Leica" optics, and image stabilization!!!!!!

I thinks me found my new"pocket" camera! I just bought my wife a great little Casio, but now I think I definitely should've waited on this one. We'll see how the rest of it performs soon enough.
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does look very impressive, though without bigger photos may be hard to tell - but yes i dont think my fz30 would look like that at ISO 1600!. Maybe fuji have built neat image into the camera
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Old Jun 12, 2006, 11:46 PM   #3
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not a lot of noise, but as you mentioned, a lot of purple fringing, and pretty poor dynamic range... lots of blown highlights. almost looks in some cases like the camera uses some very powerful NR algorithms in its DP engine; in spots the details look like they would if you ran them through Neat Image a bit too aggressively... still, any compact digicam that can get shots that clean at ISO 1600 has to have some powerful mojo! perhaps Panny will take notice...
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Old Jun 13, 2006, 12:04 PM   #4
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All of the photos look over processed to me. In fact all of the high ISO pictures from any of the new cameras look like what I could do with my FZ20 pictures with post processing on my computer. I could certainly be wrong but for my money I'm waiting to upgrade until some new CCD sensor technology comes along besides in camera processing. I read in one of the magazines that one of the major companies is working with a new layered CCD technology but was a few years away from marketing it. I can't find the article now and don't remember the company it was, but it really sounded promising when I read it.

I figured up the other day and with my FZ20 I have from 8 Diopter macro all the way to 1065mm and any where inbetween capabilities, all thefilters, goodTripod, Monopod, ball head and a few little helpful aids and by buying on ebay have less than $800.00 in the whole package. I can't imagine how much money I would have tied up in a DSLR with the same quality lenses and filters. Being disabled and on a fixed income, I can stand some post processing when I look at it like that.

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Old Jun 14, 2006, 2:53 PM   #5
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Do you mean the Starbucks cup shot?

If so the real test is 1600 in dim light. That looks like it had a decent amount of light even at lower ISO numbers to get the shot. 1600 in good light shows nothing.

Love looking at these 800 & 1600 ISO shots. The bulk of them looks like a inkjet print dunked in water. Just not impressed. Saw a shot between the F10 and forget which Panasonic. Think it was the 6x zoom one. When you compared apples and apples the Panasonc wont out for sharpness and lower noise. The shot were same time in a music hall.
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Old Jun 26, 2006, 10:01 AM   #6
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These images are only 600 x 800 so how can we possibly judge the quality of the images that the camera produced?

Check here for some full size samples.
When you click on the thumbnail you need to click on the next image again to see the original full size image.

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