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Default Has Leica Lost It's Pride and Leadership?

I wish to share the same comments I have made on the Leica 20/30 website forum and DPReview forum. Perhaps, with the additional support of Steve's Digicam forum members and others, it will help Leica recognize the foolishness of its' ways?

Posted June 15, 2011 on the Leica L-Camera Blog beta @ http://www.l-camera-forum.com/...lei.../#comment-4710

Instead of trying to understand why Leica continues to develop and market the V Lux 20/30, essentially a anemic version clone of the Panasonic, (designed and manufactured by Panasonic in a twin fashion, With installed software by Leica?), why do’t we share with Leica what we expect of them in a compact digital camera?

Hopefully this new thread will catch Leica’s attention and help them create a truly better compact. For starters, I should qualify myself by explaining that I could care less about GPS and 3D. I guess, eventually video will prove useful, so I can accept the need for it. My preference is to capture great posed and candid photos. So, I prefer a bright 14-16X zoom with 24mm wide-angle; maybe an OLED screen (or best screen in direct sun light); a larger CMOS sensor; an integrated “Leica quality” flash (Indoor photos are very important to me); Less shutter lag; very fast focus and optics that deliver Tack sharp photos and superb Stabilization. Anyone else care to comment?

Posted July 19, 2011 on the Leica L-Camera Blog beta @ http://www.l-camera-forum.com/.../le.../#comment-4710
This comment is awaiting moderation:

I totally agree with all of what CuzinVin suggested for the V-Lux20/30, with one proviso though. I Prefer a “pocketable” size for the camera. I am not a pro photographer, but rather a Grandfather who has a keen interest in our grandchildren, as well as expanding my skills in creative work. The compact size helps me keep the camera with me. I am ok with a hot shoe for the flash, although my Ricoh CX 2 has an adjustable flash range that I find useful. I will also add that my Ricoh CX 2 has Interval shooting capability, a great benefit for wild life, bird photography and flower shoots. Remote capability would just make those hard to get shoots sooo much better!

Allow me to add that I find many of the new shooting scene scenarios that camera manufacturers are adding to their products somewhat, silly and of course I suspect rarely used. Why not forgo the cost of these and invest in the basics required for Tack Sharp photos?

What is very puzzling, is that for a 50% premium Leica seems unable to deliver a better camera than the comparable Panasonic models. My guess is that someone in Leica who drives these designs, cannot recognize the exploding market for a high quality pocketable camera that commands the buyer market to snap them up? Has Leica given up on its leadership??

I had hoped that the V-Lux 20/30 would have matured into the needs of serious photographers, however, it seems that many reviewers have found it to be even less in its ability to deliver superior photos. (For example, its LCD screen is apparently impossible for the user in bright sunlight, when framing or confirming a shoot) ...Then, how does a Leica user even recognize what they are shooting?)

Alas, I will probably buy the Ricoh CX 6 if it matures in the design direction I seek. BTW, I had considered the D-Lux 5, however, it’s zoom capability is much too limiting!!

I'll close with one additional thought: Are any of you readers interested in developing this camera with me by posting virtually all of the specific specs and features we expect of Leica to utilize in designing and manufacturing this "pocketable" Digital Travel Camera that will take Tack Sharp photos and deliver the functionality that a a Pro; Semi-pro or semi experienced and aspiring Grandfather who wants so much to grow his skills?
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Let me first address your title. If you are looking for the Leica craftsmanship and "pride" so to speak, you will need to look at their M and their S lineups. But of course you will find the Leica pricetag to go with these. Also within their own engineered cameras is the X1, with its apsc sensor and fixed lens, again not cheap.

Let me address a few of your wishlists too. One thing to realize if you are looking for a 16x-18x'ish zoom lens and a larger sensor, you will need quite a large camera as it takes much bigger optics to achieve that zoom ratio (especially starting at 24mm equiv), so you will have to compromise somewhere.

I am not really sure we will see anything like you are looking for from Leica at this point. There is some chance if they continue the X1 lineup maybe adding a premium zoom lens to a similar body, or something like that. I think that would be the best bet. At this point I don't really expect them to engineer their own premium compact or EVIL style camera, I think they will stick to the ultra-premium market with the M and S series and continue to rebadge Panny's for their consumer market share.

But the good news is there has been a big increase in the more premium travel size camera market of late with the EVIL market, starting with the micro 4/3 system and now adding Sony's NEX lineup, Samsungs NX offerings, and future offerings from Pentax, etc. As well as the premium fixed lens camera by Fuji. I expect a continued increase in this market, so you should have plenty of options if you can look beyond the little red dot.
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