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Have fun in Hawaii. Take lots of memory or a laptop to store shots. Viz is right rent a car but watch outt for some of the roads.

Tom...nice shots. The midwest must be kiiling you after growing up in all that great weather
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It does nooner,

Only three weeks of good weather here in the midwest during the year. At least that is the average I have come up with living here.

I am fortunate to have grown up there and lived in places that most people wished they could visit.

Mahalo for the comments on the pictures,

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Those are amazing shots. I'll be so disappointed if my waterfall shots don't come out. I'm renting a car for the "road to Hana", that's the day I plan on bringing all my camera gear. The days where I'll be sightseeing, then heading to the beaches, I'm a little worried about bringing the gear with all the warnings I hear about breaking into cars over there.

I have maps and a tenative itenirary, which include seeing the sunrise from above the clouds at the Haleakala summitt. I'd love to bring my gear here, but there's some swimmimg holes and again, worried about leaving the cam out of my reach. Thanks for the replies so far. Love to see more photos...
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wow the scenery is awsum , great shots

everyone pack up and head to Hawaii
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Went to Maui in January. Definitely take a laptop or a digital wallet (that new Epson looks great, but I think it is about $500). I went with my family and they told me there was an internet cafe, so I didn't take the laptop. But to transfer my cards took about 2 hours each sitting costing at least $20 usually $30, so definitely take some sort of storage device, so you don't have to do that, it is very time consuming.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"The road to Hana (we're only gonna talk Maui, here, cause it's the only place I've been to!) is fun, but go right after it rains, otherwise the waterfalls will be dry. When you get there go to seven pools. There is a ton of photo ops there, usually stupid people jumping off cliffs much too high, but great photos (you can check my previous posts - from Jan/Feb- I got divers, from the seven pools). My favorite was Makena Beach, aka: Big Beach and Little Beach.I think it is in La Haina. Talk to vIZnquest, he is the sweetest guy you will ever know!You get to the parking lot, after passing the fish taco guy (amazing food, gotta get the fish tacos, and the regular tacos are good, along with the fruit smoothies--boy do I miss Hawaii, I am sure vIZnquest is salivating right now!) you make a right into the parking lot. When you get to the beach it is Big Beach. Walk to the end of it, and climb the mountain - there are a lot of people doing it, so you won't miss it. Once you are over, you are in Little Beach, aka "Clothing Optional" beach. The water is very, very dangerous, be careful. My fiance saw someone drown in 2004, and we almost drowned together, this past January- after knowing full well of the consequences. Here is the secret, read carefully, cause I am giving you jewels here! Go on a Sunday. Every Sunday they have a drum circle for sunset. Normally, you couldn't pull a camera out on Little Beach (being that almost everyone is naked!). But during the drum circle, everyone is on Hash(or Maui-wowie) brownies, pot, X or who knows what. And every Sunday I went (three in total) there was a wedding. So it is a perfect time to pull your camera out. Ask the couple if they would mind you taking some photos. They never mind. That gives you license to shoot on a nude beach. Be careful not to take pictures of the naked children, cause they are running rampant. Sunset is great on Little beach, cause the Sun perfectly sets behind the ocean (as opposed to setting behind the beach, where you can't get any shots). The beach is so beautiful, so shoot away. Also, if you have the LTZ10, or another teleconvertor, when you climb the mountain to Little Beach, you can take some pics there.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Also on the tip of Maui, I forget the name (the northern tip of the island) there are some of the best beaches in the world (according to the Travel Guides). One of them is exclusive to a hotel, but you just walk thru the hotel, onto the beach, nobody stops you (quite the opposite, you ask where it is, and they practically walk you there with mai tais!).

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I took over 4,300 pics and I was there only for a couple of weeks, so consider that when you think of memory and storage. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me. Being in Hawaii this past January was by far one of the best experiences of my life, and I would be happy to share more of it with you. Just let me know. You will have an awesome time, guaranteed!!!!!!
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scrap wrote:
I have maps and a tenative itenirary, which include seeing the sunrise from above the clouds at the Haleakala summitt.
Sunrise at Haleakela for me was one of the most wonderful moments in my life. Bit of a pain having to get up at 3:30 am for the drive up the volcano but you will never forgive yourself if you don't do it.

So many wonderful photo opportunities all over Maui. I did not see much of Oahu, 'lulu itself was not my scene but the rest of the island looks much better.

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