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Thank you.. all of you for the comment.., Picture taken yesterday morning.. just had a few minutes before going to work ..meanwhile i went to my terrace with my camera to check different settings and then suddenly i saw a Hawk, flying magnificantly in the sky coming nearer after hovering in the sky for few sec.it sat nearby watertank..able to click few images while it was sitting still..i couldnt resist my self from waiting for few more minutes just to take its take - off photo..trying to remain in focus was tough as a novice photographer..changed shutter speed to 1/500th sec.and thats it.. little disappointed .though couldnt get all in focus..your suggestions are wel come....thanks for providing time to see the thread and comment..!! you all are a great help and main source of encouragement for so many like me..

Any suggestion reg. cropping the image as i have seen many pictures cropped but still having less noise..any free software..i have used "I am feeling lucky" from picasa 3..and then cropped manually..

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Very nice shots Jim...love Birds of Prey...beautiful bird!
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Originally Posted by jim007 View Post
no problem clint, saly,.. next time when it comes to my home again.. i will ask to him/her..!!!! How abou that..?..!!
Thanks clint for your comment ..any suggestion about the picture & its settings etc....? anxious to know from you..friend..thanks again..

Quality wise the last 2 are the best. As stated earlier, any time you "crop" a picture, generally, the quality is not as good. It makes the imperfections more noticeable. Sometimes you can do some post precessing and remove noise (Topaz is a good one). I find it frustrating when I get to the "end" of my camera's capabilities ( for birds it's usually too far away to get a good crisp shoot).

It's hard sometimes to balance a shot - the lower the ISO the better quality (usually) but you get limited shutter speed (OK if the bird is sitting still but if you want to capture or freeze wing movement you need a high shutter speed).

That's why they make more expensive cameras and lenses.
Bigger sensors - faster lenses - better pictures - MORE MONEY!!

But it's still fun.

Have Fun - Be Nice - Don't Break Anything
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Jim, Clint is right, our camera has limitations and you have to accept what you get under not so perfect conditions, like low light and long distance. Once you get a grainy or blurry picture, there is not too much you can do.

Interestingly, I was looking through my photos and found this. You and I live on opposite sides of the world and yet have very similar looking birds. As you can see, mine is blurry too because he was pretty far away and moving. This one is called a Cooper's Hawk, but clearly related species:

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first three uncropped pictures ..just two share with you friends..thank you very much for all the deatail..Yes..saly world is so big..yet its small..you can find quite a few similar things..around..
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