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Hello everybody ,

my (user)name is BackWooD and i'm from the Netherlands.
A half year or so ago i bought a Lumix FZ7 with big expectations about it.
Well i'm somewhat disapointed about the camera.
I have to photoshop each picture to get the sharpness and noise reduction i want.
But i think the camera it self should be able to do just that.
I would very much like to print the photo's i make fullsize, but that is just not possible with the pictures the fz7 makes.
Nightshots at for example party's are a no go, the noise and unsharp pictures are to much. I don't want to use the flash to much(also in low values) because it just kills the colors of the moment. If the iso gets higher then 100, forget about it, the noise is terrible... Slower shutterspeeds won't work because of the sharpness of a photo.

My girlfriend needs pictures for her website (http://www.dianemeyboom.com she is a miniature painter) and she does'nt like the photo's the Lumix makes at all, worst of all, she likes our old pentax Optio 33L 3.2 MP better then the Lumix. She thinks the pictures that camera makes are more lively and sharp then those of the FZ7...:shock:
She has a point there, even in good daylight a close up of her work is not good seen fullsize.
Yes the pictures look good when the pixels are taken back to about 1024X768, but full size the photo's really are'nt that good.

Oke, why don't you buy a new camera, could be your remark. Well i don't have a lot of money and this camera is just a half year old!
I read that a lot of people here have a Lumix camera and i was hoping to get some MUST know tips about the camera i have to try?

Well i like to show you some pictures i've made with the camera,but keep in mind that they are all downsized and editted in photoshop to get the results i want.

I can't show any party pics at the moment because they are just not good enough, but i do have a nightshot, this pic is editted heavely in Photshop and neatimage...

Well, i hope you guys have some good tips about the FZ7 i HAVE to try!


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Hi, I have a FZ7 and I am pleased with the camera. The pictures you postedseem fine to me.Maybe the second one has a blue cast to my eye, but I like warmed tone picstures...I find the camera to be sharp and vibrant. The noise can be an issue at higher iso but I have used starry night with the camera resting on a surface and had good results. Many here on the forum take great pictures and will help you with some techie tips. Unless something is wrong with your camera, I feel confident you can use it to take nice pictures with the help you will find here. Here is a picture taken of my son with available light.

Attached Images
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Welcome to the forum. If these pics are not good, I wonder which ones are. Party photos are a challenge to all digicams. IMO, your photos show there is nothing wrong with your camera.
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Old Nov 26, 2006, 11:15 AM   #4
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Thanks for the welcome:-)!

First of people : I Am Not Complaining About The Pictures I posted...

These photo's are all very much editted in Photoshop.
And what i wrote before, when sized to asmaller size the pics are oke.
But when not resized and stil with the original size: 2816 x 2112 and viewed fullsize,
the pictures really don't look that good.When it gets a little darker the worst the pictures become.
Yes, you are wright by saying that taking pictures at night are more difficult.
But more iso then 100 is just not working with this camera.
I have a overall dissapointment with the Lumix FZ 7, it just does'nt live up to my expectations.

I probably should'nt have posted the pictures with this topic but as i am new to this forum iliked to introduce you to some of my pics. :|

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Sounds to me like none of the FZ cameras are going to do what you want. To get better noise characteristics you will have to go to a DSLR and then you will still have to edit the photos. l
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Yes, i know, but i don't have the money for a new dslr and i just bought this camera 6 months ago... But now i am repeating myself.

You say that even when you have a better camera you still need to edit in photoshop, well that could be true, but surtenly les more busy with sharpening and noise reduction as i am now.

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